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A Place to Grow, Learn and Follow the Call of God

A Place to Grow, Learn and Follow the Call of God

Axx is a comprehensive online Ministry Training Bible College with courses and qualifications to suit every level, need and ministry training requirement. Axx is a Place to Grow, Learn and Follow the Call of God. Please find below an explanation of the Axx educational philosophy,  course and qualification levels. Key to this we use the phrases; a place to grow; a place to learn; and a place to follow the call of God. Axx recognises that every believer is on a different journey and looking for different things in their discipleship journey with God. 

A Place to Grow

A place to grow is a phrase that we like to use at Axx indicating that a person is looking for an informal way of study. By that, we mean that people are looking for high-quality training and information but they are not interested in doing assignments, exams or other assessments. 

This is suitable for all levels of faith and development from new believers to lifelong disciples. It speaks to an approach not an academic level of study. 

These types of courses and programs can be found in our Disciple Subscription or any of our Free Courses

A Place to Learn

A place to learn indicates that you are looking for something deeper in your discipleship journey. You like to get more out of your study program and would like the recognition of a certificate or certification. 

This is suitable for all levels of faith and development from new believers to lifelong disciples. It involves doing each lecture, taking notes and completing the assessment tasks required. Many people prefer this approach to learning as they find it helps them absorb and apply important information. 

These are typically our Certificate level courses. They are a fantastic starting point to learning more about God. They are a brief but important introduction to a broad range of biblical topics.  

A Place to Follow the Call of God

The one question I am constantly asked is,  how do I know if I am called by God to the ministry? This is a question that cannot be answered here in a few lines but at Axx we have built our programs specifically for those people who are asking themselves that question. Rather than taking 3-5 years off work and paying around $50,000 in tuition fees we have broken our qualifications and Certifications into several academic levels so you can go on a journey of discovery to determine if and how you are called by God. 

A traditional Bible College will have diplomas, degrees and graduate programs. At Axx we have taken those programs and broken them into 1-year stepping stone programs. Complete one level and you automatically qualify for the next level. Don’t be locked into a program but rather be locked into following the call of God on your life. 

You can even change specialisations along the journey, no problems. We are here to support not hinder your calling in God. 

  • Step 1 - Certification
  • Step 2 - Advanced Certification
  • Step 3 - Licentiate
  • Step 4 - Masterclasses

Academic Levels

Certificate – This is an introductory qualification suitable for new or mature believers who are seeking systematic teaching presented in a clear and uncomplicated manner.

Certification – This is a ministry preparatory qualification that is highly structured and tailored to meet specific needs. These courses are taught at a diploma academic level.

Advanced Certification – This is a more advanced ministry qualification that builds on knowledge and skills developed at the Certification level. These qualifications are taught at an advanced diploma or entry BA degree level.

Licentiate – This is a higher academic qualification design for people who are seeking to enter or progress into ministry full-time. These qualifications are taught at the upper degree and postgraduate levels. Licentiate comes from Latin, meaning licence to minister.

MasterClass – These qualifications are for ministry professionals who are seeking to stretch and challenge themselves, their ministry and biblical expertise. These qualifications are taught at the Masters and Doctorate levels.

Academic Advice

Please feel free to call the office or email us if you have any questions or you would like some personalised academic advice. 

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