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Student Testimonials

Come and listen, all you who fear God, and I will tell you what he did for me (Psalm 66:16).


Avatar for Francis oloo
Francis oloo
What Axx has done for me? this question has made me to improve on my leadership skills .
My Story or Personal Testimony: this just to summarize during the course I trained on 1.spiritual formation 1 - pattern of leadership -lds theory 2.spiritual formation 2 -process items -process items and principles - development phase,sub phases and boundaries phasea1 - unique time line - two kinds of emotional closure
My Ministry: this shall grow my ministry through quality leadership.
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Theology of God

Avatar for Peter Kelvvelio Chimweta
Peter Kelvvelio Chimweta
Baptist Church and Fishers of Men Ministry
What Axx has done for me? The q guy
My Story or Personal Testimony: My name is Peter Kelvvelio Chimweta from Malawi. I am Christian
My Ministry: This school has really helped my ministry. It has helped me to know how to cross culture and preach Christ effectively. It has helped to stop
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Avatar for Aldrin Bibhudan Halder
Aldrin Bibhudan Halder
Reach Bangla Mission Church
What Axx has done for me? My learning from Axx has impacted my preaching, teaching, pastoral work, family, personal life, etc. More equipped for ministry and service, increased in capacity to be empowered for witness and mission in a changing world, inspired to grow in Christlikeness and integrity, I am enjoying all the courses and sharing with people around me. My life has improved so much and my relationship with the Lord is deeper than I ever imagined. I am most grateful.
My Story or Personal Testimony: My identity found I’ve been reborn in Jesus Christ, my identity is in Him. I am new creatures complete in Christ. Just as 2 Corinthians 5 says anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; and new life has begun! “See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God. Beloved, we are God's children now.” 1 John 3:1a, 2a 1 Peter 2:9, “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” Ephesians 1:5, “God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure.” (NLT) HOPING IN GOD: I want to share what my hope in God. Hope give me supernatural Joy (Romans 12:12, Roman 12:12 Let your hope keep you joyful, be patient in your troubles, and pray at all times. Rejoicing in hope Of the glory of God, than the hope of which nothing can make a believer more cheerful in this world; the saints' joy is therefore called the "rejoicing of the hope", ( Hebrews 3:6 ) . This is placed between serving the Lord, and being patient in tribulation; for nothing tends more to animate the people of God to a cheerful serving of him, or to make them more patient under afflictions, than a hope of being for ever with the Lord. patient in tribulation; whilst the saints are in this world they must expect tribulation; their way to heaven lies through it; and it becomes them to be patient under it, not murmuring against God, on the one hand, nor reviling of men, on the other. Along with faith and love, hope is an enduring virtue of the Christian life (1 Corinthians 13:13), and love springs from hope (Colossians 1:4-5). Hope produces joy and peace in believers through the power of the Spirit (Romans 12:12; 15:13). Paul attributes his apostolic calling to the hope of eternal glory (Titus 1:1-2). Hope in the return of Christ is the basis for believers to purify themselves in this life (Titus 2:11-14, 1 John 3:3). And now I am alive because of the hope I have found in Christ Jesus. And it is my prayer and hope to God that the Holy Spirit will give me the strength to persevere in this hope.
My Ministry: Church Planting
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Am more blessed by this training

Avatar for Apostle Kevin Liyayi
Apostle Kevin Liyayi
Vision Apostolic Ministries
What Axx has done for me? Am now able to deliver my message to different groups of individual without struggles
My Story or Personal Testimony: My spiritual life is growing everytime
My Ministry: Instrumentalist Praise and worshiper a preacher

Axx is the best bible college, my helper.

What Axx has done for me? This qualification has changed my altitude and the way of thinking alot.
My Story or Personal Testimony: I was blind about preaching before, but now after studying at Axx bible college, I can see, axx bible college is a port of pastors
My Ministry: Pastor

ccross culture

Avatar for cyprien nzabahimana
cyprien nzabahimana
ADPR association des eglise pentecote au Rwanda
What Axx has done for me? Nkew so may thing new, crossing culture, call response, church, kingdom, preaching and sermon preparation etc
My Story or Personal Testimony: I ve save d when I had 21 and now am 36, i ve heard a voice telling me study well sio that I will be the pastor of pastors
My Ministry: Authentic church ministry
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Axx is a God given opportunity to me

What Axx has done for me? This qualification has elevated me to a new height in the ministery. Now i can be able to stand at the pulpit with confidence knowing that i have the right guard rails to preach within the confinement of the Bible. God bless Axx Bible College
My Story or Personal Testimony: I am a born again Pastor ministering in one of the remotest area of our county as untrained pastor. Thank you to Axx for giving me the training i need most so as to be able to minister the word of God effectively. Now i have the courage to be able to stand at the pulpit with confidence. God bless Axx mightily
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Communicating passage

Avatar for wycliffe Oluoch Misiara
wycliffe Oluoch Misiara
Tabernacle of praise in worship church
What Axx has done for me? The courses has impact me spiritual and it has bring more and effective sermon to my life,. Now day my sermon are longer the same their is total and improvement in it. Thanks asente sana
My Story or Personal Testimony: Through this course ,I have learned how to communicate my passage to the audience by knowing the introduction, body and conclusion of my preaching and I should not introduce a new topic when am finishing the message.
My Ministry: We believed that Jesus will come back and take me with him to the father God in heaven

Respond to the call

South Africa
What Axx has done for me? Through the course, I have gained a deeper understanding of Christ's teachings and the theological significance of His work. Each lesson has brought new insights and revelations that have strengthened my faith and equipped me to share God's love with others. One of the most transformative experiences during this course was studying the resurrection and its implications for our faith. This profound truth has filled me with hope and a renewed sense of purpose. It has inspired me to live a life that reflects the victory and joy of Christ's resurrection, and to share this message of hope with those around me. My hope is to continue growing in my faith and to use the knowledge and insights I have gained to serve my community more effectively. I feel called to be a source of encouragement and support to others, helping them to discover their own paths in following God's call. I am passionate about fostering a community where individuals can grow spiritually, support one another, and collectively advance the kingdom of God. I am deeply grateful to Axx for providing such a rich and transformative educational experience. The courses offered have not only deepened my understanding of Scripture but have also equipped me with practical tools to apply these truths in my everyday life. Axx has been a blessing, and I look forward to continuing this journey of faith and growth. Thank you for allowing me to share my story. I pray that it encourages and blesses all who read it. Together, let us continue to seek God, grow in our faith, and respond to His call with open hearts and steadfast devotion.
My Story or Personal Testimony: My name is Enoch Mthimunye, and I am excited to share a bit about my spiritual journey and how Axx has played a pivotal role in my growth and development in Christ. From a young age, I have felt a deep sense of calling to serve God and His people. This calling has guided me through various seasons of life, each filled with its own challenges and blessings. My journey has been marked by a continual search for deeper understanding and a closer relationship with God.
My Ministry: My ministry and plan to do in God. Apostolic, Pastor and Teaching: Offering guidance, support, and counselling to individuals facing spiritual, emotional, or personal challenges. We shall also have many outreaches for the need and afflicted in many different visits and street mission for our local community.

This is my Testimonial of the Advanced Pastoral Ministry Certification

Avatar for Apostle Rossi Nwanua
Apostle Rossi Nwanua
Saving Light Gospel Network
What Axx has done for me? This qualification has really equipped me with Relational Skills. I can now relate better with people & manage stress.
My Story or Personal Testimony: I gave my life to Christ in 1992, that's 32 years ago. I became an ordained Minister in 1996. And also attended Bible school in 2000. I've joined several Famous churches , both with Small & large Congregations. I've Been Running my own ministry Outreach Ministry & church since 2015 precisely. But I've always been Curious about the Things of God. I've always known there is Something more than the Usual Church activities. I've been longing to know more about God, Christianity & it's True origins. This is what has led me to this School at Axx Bible College. I must Confess that I've learnt so much in this little period. I've been able to Compare the Knowledge I got from here with the Confusing ones I do get Online. Especially on YouTube & other Social media platforms. Everything is well Coordinated & Explained here . I'm really Greatful to this Bible Institute. God bless you all. 🙏 Apostle Rossi Nwanua Nigeria 🇳🇬
My Ministry: By God's Grace , I'm into the Healing & Elevation ministry , Inspired Teachings, Dream Interpretation & Prayer Ministry
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My Experience with Axx Bible College's Online Courses

Avatar for Ojodu Ebenezer Ibrahim
Ojodu Ebenezer Ibrahim
United Kingdom
What Axx has done for me? This qualification in Bible and Theology has been a profound journey of spiritual and intellectual growth, significantly enriching my understanding of Christian teachings and deepening my theological knowledge. It has equipped me with the essential skills and insights needed to communicate the Gospel more effectively, provide comprehensive spiritual guidance, and lead a variety of ministry initiatives. Through this rigorous academic training, I have developed a nuanced approach to engaging with Scripture. I have learned the importance of contextualization, understanding the historical, cultural, and literary contexts of biblical texts, which has enhanced my ability to interpret Scripture accurately. This deeper contextual understanding allows me to extract timeless truths and apply them in a way that is relevant and impactful in today’s diverse and ever-changing world. Also, the structured learning has significantly improved my application of biblical principles in practical ministry settings. I am now better equipped to translate complex theological concepts into accessible and relatable teachings that resonate with individuals from various backgrounds. This ability to contextualize and apply Scripture has enabled me to address contemporary issues with biblical wisdom, offering guidance that is both spiritually sound and practically applicable. The academic rigour of this qualification has also sharpened my critical thinking and analytical skills, allowing me to engage with theological and doctrinal discussions with greater clarity and confidence. I have learned to approach challenging questions with a well-rounded perspective, balancing scholarly research with a heart attuned to the Holy Spirit’s leading. This qualification has also enhanced my leadership capabilities, enabling me to design and implement ministry programs that are biblically grounded and culturally sensitive. Whether leading Bible studies, preaching, or organizing community outreach, I am now more adept at crafting messages and initiatives that inspire and transform.
My Story or Personal Testimony: I made a decision of faith in Christ Jesus at the age of 8, deeply rooted in the influence of my parents who have devoted nearly four decades as missionaries among the Igala people of Kogi State, Nigeria. Growing up in a household immersed in Christian values, I was profoundly inspired by their example of sacrificial love and unwavering devotion to God. Our home was more than just a dwelling; it was a sanctuary of discipleship, reminiscent of the cave of Adullam. My parents' relentless labour among the impoverished and their heartfelt ministry to displaced Muslim converts transformed our home into a beacon of hope and renewal. Their dedication extended beyond our household, as they founded Adullam Academy, a primary school in a rural area where our mission agency is located. This school provided education to children at almost no cost, embodying the spirit of Christian charity and service. Although their vision to expand the school into a boarding high school was hindered by financial constraints, the legacy of nurturing and raising disciples was deeply ingrained in our lives. At the age of 17, I felt a divine calling to step into ministry, a call that was affirmed by the elders and my discipler in ministry. Embracing this sacred call, I began serving in various capacities within the church and mission field. For the past 11 years, I have committed myself to full-time ministry, fervently leading youth groups, hosting revival conferences on campuses, ministering in outreach programs, and participating in mission trips. These experiences have filled me with immense joy and fulfillment, allowing me to channel my gifts in service to others and to advance God's kingdom. My faith has been continuously fortified through these ministerial engagements, deepening my relationship with Christ. I carry a fervent desire to see the hearts of young people across the nations opened to the transformative power of the Gospel, enlightened by a profound understanding of God’s Word and the dynamic influence of the Holy Spirit. My prayer is for God to use me as an instrument of revival, igniting a powerful move of His Spirit across the nations. As I look to the future, my heart is filled with anticipation and a readiness to continue this divine journey. I am wholly dependent on the Lord’s guidance and empowerment, eager to embrace new opportunities and challenges with faith and confidence. My experiences have prepared me to step boldly into God’s plans, always aiming to glorify Him and expand His kingdom. In all things, I seek to be a vessel through which God’s love, power, and truth flow, bringing light and hope to a world in need.
My Ministry: Royal Dynasty of Zion Inc.
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I love the programme and is full of wisdom and practical application of Biblical principles and understanding of one self.

Avatar for Raymond Kwame Amachor
Raymond Kwame Amachor
Assemblies of God, Ghana.
What Axx has done for me? This qualification has improved my perspective of ministry and self worth.
My Story or Personal Testimony: I was born into a Christian family but as I move in life,I backslide though still a Christian but not committed to the things of the Gospel. One day, In my down times,I saw a Facebook Pop-up, of a pastorial leadership residency programme here in Ghana. I do not how but I decided to apply for programme. After some weeks,I received a message that I have been selected but I ignored,what I applied before. However,after 6 months, I realized that I was always falling to sexual sins especially fornication and masturbation, then I received a message again about the pastorial leadership programme with a scholarship reminding me that I have been selected but I didn't apply for that badge of application. I feel Something was calling me to that place,So went there, and In a period of about three months, I changed completely and now committed to the work of God Almighty. I now part time as research team lead for Christian outreach group in Ghana called Baraka Outreach.
My Ministry: I am into missionary works with the Baraka Outreach team. The team engage in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to remote areas of Ghana that mostly have not heard the Gospel.
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Beautiful life

Avatar for Pryce Mugwindiri
Pryce Mugwindiri
Restoration of True Worship
What Axx has done for me? Axx has given me a solid foundation and given me confidence with humility in my pursuit of God’s calling for my life
My Story or Personal Testimony: Axx came in handy for me after having left the church i grew up in as a child because of unscriptural practices and doctrines of men. Sudden unanticipated responsibilities were thrust upon us when other Christians from the former church chose to follow us. Really appreciate the sound teachings and that willingness to impart from axx crew. It is working wonders in us. Our vision is for the Bible to come alive in the church practically as God means it to be and as Christ died for.
My Ministry: Preacher ,Teacher
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Saved by grace

Avatar for Mercy Nancy Otieno
Mercy Nancy Otieno
Morningstar Evangelistic Ministry
What Axx has done for me? Has equipped me with knowledge, understanding and wisdom, to serve God better.
My Story or Personal Testimony: I am just a sinner, that God pursued, sought, found and saved even when I knew Him not, but He loved me and saved me nonetheless. I have come to see the love of Christ upon my life and honestly it makes me cry too much! I have nothing to offer Him for all things belong to Him, but I will follow Him, and live the rest of my life for His glory alone and again, not by my own ability, for I depend on Him alone and trust Him to help me. If I am able to love my Savior Jesus Christ, it is only because He first loved me and made it possible for me to love Him. He made me alive in Him, opened my blind eyes, opened my deaf ears, gave me a heart of flesh, and what can I offer the Lord for all His benefits towards me? Only thanks, only praises, only worship, I desire mercies and grace and truth. Amen and Amen.
My Ministry: Biblical Counselling, Exhortation and Sharing in all forms as granted by God.

I have really learned a lot from this course

Avatar for Maluba Mwilu Lumbwe
Maluba Mwilu Lumbwe
Faith through works
What Axx has done for me? I have really learned a lot from this course I must indicate that I have been transformed from being ignorant of God and his purpose to a very important but underestimated stage called foolishness,A fool is simply a person who knows Truth but deviates from it.Foolishness is a phase that everyone who comes across truth goes into.It is the struggle between doing what is right to doing the wrong you use to do.This stage comes to an end after a conviction and constant Torment of the Word.The Word corrects us and rebukes us until finally we become better people.I encourage everyone to join in such courses in order to study God and his purpose for mankind
My Story or Personal Testimony: I have really learned a lot from this course I must indicate that I have been transformed from being ignorant of God and his purpose to a very important but underestimated stage called foolishness,A fool is simply a person who knows Truth but deviates from it.Foolishness is a phase that everyone who comes across truth goes into.It is the struggle between doing what is right to doing the wrong you use to do.This stage comes to an end after a conviction and constant Torment of the Word.The Word corrects us and rebukes us until finally we become better people.I encourage everyone to join in such courses in order to study God and his purpose for mankind
My Ministry: Faith through works

Former Atheist, Visual Artist making Christian art.

Avatar for Julius John Alam
Julius John Alam
Full Gospel Assemblies Pakistan
What Axx has done for me? Given me a solid Biblical foundation so that I do not deviate from the Bible while making artwork.
My Story or Personal Testimony: I became an atheist at the age of 16. I was also a sex addict. When my son was born, I decided to fix myself. But the more I tried, the worse I got. At the age of 25, while I was in the US, I hit rock bottom. I found life to be meaningless and empty. One night, when I was thinking about all this, I took out the Bible and started reading the account in the Gospel of John (8:1-11) in which Jesus saves a woman caught in adultery from a crowd that intended to lynch her. The moment I finished reading the story, my state of consciousness was altered. I experienced myself kneeling in a dark space while a numinous figure with long white hair and beard, clad in a long white robe, walked towards me and stood right in front of me. He extended his right arm and placed his hand on my head. Immediately, I felt a sweet honey-like sensation descend from my scalp throughout my body. I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off my chest. This numinous experience left me dumbfounded. I wanted to understand it. I wanted to experience it again. Thus began a long spiritual journey that lasted almost eight years. During this time, I tried every philosophy and religion under the sky. While I was in Switzerland, I got involved in New Age spirituality and the occult. During this period, I had many supernatural experiences, including a Kundalini awakening through Tantra. I was involved in all sorts of occult practices, including Energy Healing, Entity Clearing, Astral Travel, Reiki, Tarot Card reading, etc. I soon found out that these supernatural experiences were facilitated by dark entities. Their presence in my life costed me my career, marriage, and health, and would have completely destroyed me, if it had not been for God’s grace. I tried everything, but nothing could free me from the bonds of sexual immorality or take away my fear of death. Deep down I knew that Jesus was waiting for me, but my resistance was twofold: Firstly, Christianity did not seem logical, and, secondly, I was not ready to surrender my will. But, at the age of 31, when I had lost my job, my marriage had failed, my health had suffered, and I was in a deep state of depression, I finally surrendered to Jesus Christ. Immediately, God began to restore me. In the next two years, my health recovered, my financial situation improved, my marriage was restored, the fear of death began to subside, the acute hunger for love began to be satisfied, and the sinful nature began to get weaker. God also satisfied my intellectual hunger and I found out that there was ample evidence for the authenticity of the Bible, and that Christian theology was internally coherent and systematic. But the biggest proof was the experiential evidence. The presence of Jesus became very real for me, and I developed a personal relationship with God. In 2023, my wife and I got baptized together. Although I was very happy, I felt that something was still missing, that I needed more. Till then, I had only been aware of the first and second persons of Trinity (God the Father, and God the Son). At Church, I learned about the third person of Trinity (God the Holy Spirit). I learned that I also need the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I was skeptical about that at first. Most church members spoke in tongues (glossolalia), but, secretly, I thought that they had naively fooled themselves into speaking gibberish believing it to be the work of the Holy Spirit. One day, one of my friends, who also shared my skepticism, was overtaken by the Holy Spirit during worship and began to speak in tongues. This came as a shock to me, and I also began to hunger for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I prayed and fasted for it. Two weeks after my friend had had the baptism, we were worshiping during the church service, when I was overcome with emotion. I stopped singing and began to cry vehemently. As I was crying, I felt as if my head and temples were getting warmer and warmer, to a point where they were so full of what seemed to be like static charge, that I thought they would burst. I also began to imagine strange words that I had never heard or read. But I did not utter them. Two more weeks passed and my hunger for the Holy Spirit continued to grow. After two weeks, during the church service, the presider asked the members who had not received the Holy Spirit till now, to step forward. I also stepped forward along with a few others. All the members prayed for us. I again began to see those strange words, but I still did not speak. After the service, I left for the office. While driving, I began to think about those words. I still remembered them. I wanted to hear how they sounded. I uttered the first word. As soon as I spoke the first word, the rest followed automatically. I was speaking in a very foreign and rich accent. While pronouncing those words, I was moving my tongue in a way that was foreign to me. I continued to speak. I was nearing my office, but it did not stop, so I took a detour. After another 10 minutes, I was again in front of my office and yet the tongue did not stop. I asked God to make it stop because I could not go into the office in that state. So, God made it stop. I composed myself and went in. Since then, the presence of the Holy Spirit has not left me, and I have not felt alone or unloved ever since.
My Ministry: My art practice is a way for me to connect with the divine and to dwell in sacred space-time. The vestige of this dwelling, that is, the artwork, naturally becomes indexical of the divine body (Jean-Luc Nancy). Since my affiliation is with the Christian faith, I experience this divine union through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The tangible vocabulary that I employ to represent that which is beyond representation has three sources: the Holy Scriptures; a numinos encounter I had with the risen Christ in 2015; and, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit that I underwent in 2024. I work with the awareness that the attempt to represent the Divine in poetic language (visual or otherwise) is futile. However, I do not claim that my artworks contain a fraction of the Divine, for claiming so would be equivalent to idolatry, and, thus, in violation of the first commandment. I don’t see my artworks as idols, but as icons. Where an idol claims to contain divine attribute(s), an icon is only indexical of the Divine, that is, it itself is not divine, but only points to the Divine. And, in doing so, it claims the impossibility of presenting that which is beyond presentation.
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My Purpose

Avatar for Solomon Ajwang
Solomon Ajwang
What Axx has done for me? I believe this course is part of the equipping for the great work ahead and so I am just in my end tail preparations as I continue to study especially matters to do with Pastoring,Leadership etc
My Story or Personal Testimony: My names are Solomon Clement Odongo Ajwang.I am Kenyan by birth, born in a Catholic family.At the age of 17 years, I converted to Islam and was a muslim for 12 years bearing the name of Suleiman until the Lord saved me and for me to realize that I had been Called. I gave my to the Lord Jesus Christ on 20th March 2005.Prior to this, God had began to speak to me while I was still a gangster and muslim.My encounter with Jesus began as I made several attempts to steal Sunday Offertory from a certain upper town mainstream Pentecostal Church called CITAM and it is at this point that I believe my journey of the faith begun through the Holy Spirit speaking to me and meeting an angel of God in a Night club.A few days or weeks later I surrendered my life to the Lord.The Lord had given me a promise of a son through Hebrews 11:11-12 convicting me through Abraham's and Sarah's ordeal. Immediately, God started giving me instructions just like he did with Paul on the road to Damascus only that mine were through life threatening interventions, dreams, visions, Bible Word, the Holy Spirit Promptings and also his audible voice occasionally. I continued to grow in faith going through sound Biblical teachings and Preachings at the CITAM Karen Church in Nairobi where I begun serving and assisting in the men's ministry along with doing one on one evangelism. Later on,God led me to serve Him at World Harvest International Church in Nairobi City under the mentorship of Apostle Martin Ssuna a well renowned Evangelist. I humbly served there for a period of 3 years participating in a lot of church activity and open air crusades.I then undertook a Bible Leadership course at WOFBI (Word of Faith Bible Institute). In August 2007 while on a mission with some missionaries from America and Canada the Lord instructed me to go to Namibia to start my assignment doing missionary work because he had called me as an Apostle to the Nations.From that time, God has used me in preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ confirming his Word and grace with notable miracles, signs and wonders.
My Ministry: I am a revivalist and operate in the Five fold ministry and have a burden for lost souls, Prayer, Deliverance,Healing, youth, orphans, widows, street families, right doctrine, right leadership, right church structure and family. The countries I have preached in are Tanzania,Pakistan,DRC Congo,Zambia,Namibia & Botswana and is yet to go out to the other nations as the spirit of the Lord leads him.I am currently, serving in the intercessory etc at Calvary Worship Center a branch of International Pentecostal Holiness Church based in Riara Road,Kilimani, Nairobi. God had told me to wait until he speak's to launch out into the depth of ministry.

God is good

Avatar for Anthony Kumobah
Anthony Kumobah
Blackjew ministry
What Axx has done for me? It's amazing to study about the Creator,i can express the joy i feel, drinking in the words of eternal as i muse on the his commandments which indeed is exceeding broad from the exposition of it through the Lecturers of AXX Bible college all Praise to the Lord Jesus for his Kingdom and choosing us as his Church
My Story or Personal Testimony: It's amazing to study about the Creator, i can't express the joy I feel drinking in the words of eternal as I muse on his commandments which indeed is exceeding broad from the exposition of it through the Lecturers of AXX Bible college all Praise to the Lord Jesus for his Kingdom and choosing us as his Church
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The uniqueness of God to me

Avatar for Moses Njamakuya
Moses Njamakuya
Higher life Christian Church
What Axx has done for me? Changing awareness and increasing the ability to do
My Story or Personal Testimony: My name is Pastor Moses Loisujaki Njamakuya. I am the pastor of Higher Life Christian Church. I'm a leader of these churches here in Tanzania. I have been fortunate to study a lot but the truth is that this AXX college is a very different college from what I have studied. I have met teachers who have a great understanding of the Word of God and who have a great influence with great changes for every student who studies here. I felt like I was just starting Bible school because of the way I went through the courses at this college. I have persuaded our pastors to join this course and I have told them it is not optional but it is necessary to really study the teachings taught here. Because it helps them to make a spiritual revolution in the world we have now To be honest, if I say the level of growth for me, words will not be enough, but the truth is that the work we do after studying at this college has increased the platform for preaching and teaching our pastors. We have increased the number of Churches so far from 8 to 23 churches in just one year. And so far there are 6 big ones we are going to plant other new churches. This is all the benefit of learning on this Cha AXX.
My Ministry: Messenger and ProphetMessenger and Prophet

The genuine growth is found in growth.

Avatar for Samson Ssebowa
Samson Ssebowa
Kampala Uganda 🇺🇬
What Axx has done for me? To gain more wisdom, knowledge, and understanding now I'm impact the people of God.
My Story or Personal Testimony: My name is Samson Ssebowa from Uganda 🇺🇬 age 34 married to a beautiful woman Gloria Ssebowa 5 years in marriage though we have not yet have a children but we are happy and trusting Jesus Christ because our offsprings are for kingdom advancement. I grew up from a poor background family full of witchcraft I started to use drugs at the age 13 upto 21 where Christ me and saved me. I started the journey of salvation with the intimacy of knowing and discovering God until today I'm still pursuing it. Life hasn't being easy to me I went through a lot but by the grace of God I'm still standing and believing in my Lord Jesus Christ. When I came into salvation I wanted to know more about God and to know personally, I had that burning desire inside of me I tried express myself to the local church where I got saved but I didn't got any help. I prayed, and fasted, I wanted to know God, I wanted to go to Bible school yet I haven't no money to afford. After marrying my wife I started again to pursue my dream seeking to know the ways of God I wanted to go yonder in God but I couldn't find help, until 2023 I just came across on Facebook and I found Axx there at first I didn't took it serious cuz many times I tried these online studies but they were charging a lots money which I had not so I decided to give up, but one day I came across at Axx I thought it is just lie or scammers but I took the step of faith and I enrolled in, but what I found here it helped me, it expanded my spiritual understanding, I have learned many things here and I believe I will profit the kingdom of my Father as I teach others what I received at Axx College 🎓. Thank you Dr. Brendan Roach for this great vision towards to body of Christ. Thank you the entire team Pastors, Professors, and Administrators all you thank you so much for your precious time efforts resources to make these studies accessible. May the Lord richly bless you abundantly. 🙏🙏🙏. If there’s any error in grammar please forgive I didn't go to school the English I have it is by the grace of God the Holy Spirit has been my good teacher.
My Ministry: Uganda 🇺🇬
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It's the LORD doing it is marvelous in my eyes

Avatar for Ayibatari D. K
Ayibatari D. K
True Holiness Church Inc.
What Axx has done for me? What this qualification has done for me is unexplainable. It has given me the tools to do the work,the Lord has placed in my hands. I have no money to get this but God Almighty brought it to me miraculously . Am super excited . Thank you Lord, thank you AXX Bible College
My Story or Personal Testimony: My journey in God has being a miraculous one.That faithful first of July 2005 when I give my life to Our Lord Jesus Christ.i was not going to church. One faithful Sunday we were watching TV sudenly it blew off. My mum was crying saying, "why is it that we don't love going to church."seeing are tears I could not withstand it so my brothers and myself follow her to chirch. She succeeded making me to join the choir which i started playing musical instrument in the year 1999.But i was not born again, not untill 2005 when we lost a sister in the choir, in the church I am now. Her death was what God used to arrest me. Since then God has being helping me to grow from grace to grace.
My Ministry: Iam a member of True Holiness Church Inc., am one of the pastors there, am in charge of prayer ministry and choir ministry. Waiting and praying unto God to start the assignment God has placed in my hands .

Growing with cut branches

Avatar for tina Sampson-smith
tina Sampson-smith
Hope works
What Axx has done for me? This course has given me some tools which will help me perform a ministry better and help me understand myself better it will constantly be a reminder that sometimes my ministry and my vision has been quite lonely but now I understand how and what I need to do not to be that person I know that I’ve been a visionary can make you lonely but actually I don’t want to be lonely I want other people to be able to import as into a teem ministry and hopefully we can grow into this team ministry in the next year as I prepare to travel back to the UK this week coming I feel that I have been really equipped and really have a changed mindset on this subject.
My Story or Personal Testimony: I have been in Christian ministry teams for many years , I didn’t believe I was good enough to serve in leadership I was thought I would be in a team or a lower member of the team even. I felt gods calling few years ago to set up a Food Pantry for those in need of food but also to share gods love for them. To provide not just food but for the spiritual alongside practical for example placing debt counsellors benefits counsellors and counsellors listeners and people just generally there to serve people too so that people can be heard. Last year I have the opportunity to serve in the UK where this vision I had was begun and I travelled from Zimbabwe on the 2nd of March 2023 to Saint Pauls Church in Norton Lees Sheffield where I began to make a plan of how to gain food surplus and that took a month or so to put into position. During this time of preparation of putting things into place such as fridges freezers arranging for get how to get volunteers and how to begin this how to advertise how to be in the community . I started this course in June intending on carrying it on until I’d finished however during this time I have experienced many attacks personal attacks financial attack and critical attacks from older people in the situation where they are secure and how they want their church to be but accepting that they do need change but not once in change so this year or 14 months has been really hard and I have seen myself as a tree myself with long Stratton branches that have needed to be cut and they have been pruned some quite severely and it’s been quite painful but some of the growth I’ve seen as a result of this ministry and the fact I haven’t said it’s my ministry I’ve always said it’s gods ministry and I’ve always given it to him I have learned so many lessons there have been so many curveball thrown at me but I’m still standing and standing firm on the rock of God .
My Ministry: The ministry I have is not likely mines got a ministry so the ministry I have been given is a ministry that steps out in Faith, The ministry and I have been given is in a foreign country away from my home away from my family this gives me a lot more hope a lot more strength and a lot more planning and preparation to do this ministry . This ministry is currently a volunteer role within the church it does come with great responsibility and his great promise for the people I serve.

What AXX Biblical coorse has transformed me to

Avatar for Grace Akinyi Sewe
Grace Akinyi Sewe
Favour and Mercy Church
What Axx has done for me? This qualification will enable my Kenyan government not to bother me as this fulfills one of their requirements for a church minister.
My Story or Personal Testimony: I was saved when still a young girl immediately I went to my secondary school. I received the power of the Holy Spirit in my college days on August 4, 1986. The journey has not been smooth since then but thanks to Jesus who gives always gives us victory. I had a desire to go deeper in my knowledge in God, after a long search I got AXX in my facebook page. I believe this was divinely done as God saw the thirst I had. Every day I woke up with a new zeal to get more and more knowledge as I did this course, it was not a burden at all. This course has broadened my understanding of the bible, how to teach it correctly applying the scriptures as the original author intended it to, and what what God is speaking to us today in our generation. Thank you AXX, this revelation has moved me. I thought I was deep but this course has given me a new desire to study more. Is there an advanced continuation of this course, I really want to study more. I appreciate the founder for giving me this opportunity Many thanks and God bless you.
My Ministry: My ministry's vision is to enable everyone to live a healthy state of life. A healthy state of life can only be possible when one receives the good news and becomes born again which is a ticket to meet Jesus eternally. Physically we provide a healthy state of life through the provision of quality education to the less privileged.


Avatar for john
What Axx has done for me? HEALING
My Story or Personal Testimony: I was sick but GOD was good and faithful, i thanks him for healing and this made me to serve him truly JOHN SIFA JEFWA

Equipped to equip others

Avatar for Alice Nyoli
Alice Nyoli
Green Pastures Tarbenacle
What Axx has done for me? It has opened my spiritual eyes and given me the ability to share the gospel with clarity.
My Story or Personal Testimony: My Name is Alice. I born again and I am a disciple of Jesus. I want to thank you Axx fraternity for the sacrifice you have given to make sure we receive the knowledge on how to extend God's kingdom to the Gentiles. Personally I walk and my relationship with God has really grown, just by receiving the wisdom from the men of God/ lectures. Before I joined I had a passion to win souls but I was not equipped, right I'm able to share the gospel with boldness and encourage God's people to accept Christ as their personal saviour and also walking with them to help them to observe the word of the Lord. Words fail me but I'm super excited and grateful ❤️
My Ministry: I'm am evangelist

How I go through the course

Avatar for James Ishaya
James Ishaya
Foursquare Gospel church Nigeria
What Axx has done for me? This qualification established me Christ, grants me opportunity to stand and declare the gospel to the lost souls.
My Story or Personal Testimony: My name is Pst. James Ishaya, I am from Rafin Hita a village under Zodi ward Zuru Kebbi State, Nigeria. I am a Pastor that is presently working on God's vineyard, under Foursquare Gospel church Nigeria. I serve for about 10years now. I come to here about AXX Bible College on social Media probably Facebook. It is my pleasure to undergo a course that indeed equipped me in Ministry like this Bible and Theology Certification course. As a minister I learned a lot about theology, Bible and many more.
My Ministry: Pastor
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I am more than blessed to be associated with the Axx family of believers and followers of Christ Jesus

Avatar for Perk Ruwuya
Perk Ruwuya
The Latter House Jesus' Ministry
What Axx has done for me? This qualification has added knowledge to the anointing I already have. Without knowledge people perish
My Story or Personal Testimony: I am a middle aged man who was born in a Christian family. At the age of 12 I got baptised after receiving Jesus Christ as my personal savior. By age of 20 I received a baptism in the Holy Spirit and immediately God started to use me with signs and wonders following. Then I was just a youth member with no position in my church. I was very passionate about and active in the work of God and as a result I found myself in various leadership roles over the years. I was a member of the youth committee for 11 years and a Youth Leader for 5 years at different assemblies though. I later became a deacon for about eight years and later an elder for four years before God called me to start a ministry. God has called me to be a Prophet which was clearly communicated to me by the Holy Spirit and is quite evident in my ministration. The gifts of the Holy Spirit quite evident in my walk with Christ since my youth are healing, word of knowledge and wisdom. God has used me to heal and deliver many people from evil spirits including a woman who had a legion (6000) of demons who could not walk and talk for many months. After laying my hands on her she manifested and was completely restored in Jesus mighty name. This is just one of the many miracles I have witnessed over the years beginning on 21 February 1994 when the first healing miracle happened to a fellow sister who attended the same church with me then was instantly healed of a terrible ear disease. This happened after she was told in a vision during her sleep to visit me for prayer to receive her healing. The day before this healing miracle happened was a Sunday and at our church a well known evangelist had come to minister paving way for a two weeks revival slated in the two weeks following. During the meeting the Spirit of God came upon me with power and I was anointed, though I could not realize it. I realized it the following day when I prayed for this sister and I could physically feel the power of God moving in my palms the moment I laid my hands on her head, and instantly the pain disappeared and she was completely healed. From this day I began to have visions and dreams that come to pass. The war that Russia is fighting today with Ukraine I saw it in a vision in 2013. The spirit of the Lord took me to Russia in that year and I found myself in the midst of the Russian army. That very moment they were testing various kinds of weapons including air defences. The Spirit of God then told me in that vision that, 'Russia is preparing for war'. I wrote it down in my diary and shared it with my close confidants who can today testify to this. The vision was fulfilled about 9 years later to my surprise. God gave me the ability to see 9 years into the future. I have so many testimonies that I will not be able to write them down on this platform. In everything I give glory to God Almighty. I decrease and He increases.
My Ministry: The Latter House Jesus' Ministry which was started in January 2022 after hearing From God.

More light

Avatar for Charles Munyithya
Charles Munyithya
Megah church Christian fellowship
What Axx has done for me? It's an addition to my knowledge and academic profile so I thank the Axx bible school and my God for another level
My Story or Personal Testimony: My name is pst. Charles mutoti Munyithya from Nairobi -kenya am married and blessed with four children and I thank God for that.I minister in Megah church Christian fellowship and through out my calling have desired to equipped with more light in scriptures and the Bible knowledge so that I became more fruitful in the ministry and now I am and will work out my calling in Jesus name
My Ministry: The body of Christ ,that is the church will benefit more through my teachings and ministration because am enlightened now theologically

It has had an impact on my life and walk with God.

Avatar for Steve Duncan Marunda Mutambuwa
Steve Duncan Marunda Mutambuwa
AFM in Zimbabwe
What Axx has done for me? My vision is make all communities know our God.
My Story or Personal Testimony: My experience in this course has been so much more than just understanding and interpreting the Bible; it has had an impact on my life and walk with God. It has also brought me clarity in how I want to present myself to the world.
My Ministry: AFM in Zimbabwe
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I am encouraged that the spirit of God will continue to strengthen me.

Avatar for Grace Ellis
Grace Ellis
Peniel Cathedral International Church
What Axx has done for me? This is a very beneficial course – It has, indeed, equipped me with the knowledge needed to effectively accomplish my mission work. Quite frankly, this course has challenged me to think deeper about my decision to do God’s work and win souls to Him. The teachings/lectures made my heart and soul long and desire for God and His work even more. There is such rich teaching in each session and the instructors were very engaging. The materials and concepts presented were very current and relevant. Each instructor gave an excellent overview and presentation that made perfect sense. I know pastoral ministry is quite challenging – pastors fighting daily battles and being the prime target of the enemy, dealing with difficult situations, etc. I, therefore, acknowledge the job requires both unwavering faith and tireless work ethic. I am encouraged that the spirit of God will continue to strengthen me and grant me the wisdom required for this journey. In addition, having the opportunity to go through the course successfully, I feel I have gained the confidence I need to spread the gospel and fulfill the calling and God’s purpose.
My Story or Personal Testimony: I was born into a Christian family. My parents were devoted Christians - they taught my siblings and I Christians principles and the importance of reading our bibles and praying every day. They strongly believed in the scripture “train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Prov. 22.6). I grew up loving God and I had so much zeal for His work. I became a Sunday school teacher at the age of 15 – I touched many lives through God’s power. I continued to do God’s work for some years. Unfortunately, due to life challenges, I drifted away from the things of God – I didn’t have much time for God’s work, I did not pray/read my bible as I used to, I did not go to church often etc. During this period, I felt very empty and lonely (almost as if something was missing within me), even though I had many friends and I had achieved a lot in life. Thank God, the burning desire to do His work was still in me. One day, I just made a decision to turn a new leaf and re-dedicate myself to him and align my will and purpose to His. I say this to glorify God’s name, since I made that decision, I continue to see his glory and goodness in my life. Amen! 😊
My Ministry: As a little girl. I have always had the passion for God and the zeal/enthusiasm for His work. At age 15, I became a Sunday school teacher, I taught the word of God and led many children to Christ. After I’d obtained my degrees in clinical psychology and public health (health educator), I had the opportunity to educate people (in churches, schools, hospitals, community centers etc.) about the diseases and the importance of developing healthy lifestyles to prevent diseases and promote health and wellness. In all my presentations, I used scriptures for people to understand the importance of health because I believe psychology and spirituality go hand in hand; one cannot separate divinity from humanity – they work together. For instance, as a psychologist, I often educate people about how negative thoughts and emotions (anger, unforgiveness, envy, bitterness, resentment, persistent worrying, fear etc.) affect our spiritual, physical, mental, and social health and I always use scriptures to encourage my audience to guard their hearts and minds with all diligence (as the bible commands us). After the sessions, I have had many people ask me if I was a pastor. Family and friends encouraged me to go into fulltime ministry because God was using me touch many lives. Observing my dedication and commitment, my senior pastor also recommended I take the necessary pastoral course/classes to be ordained as a reverend minister. I was, truly, humbled by his recommendation so I considered it. In addition, I felt I was already doing God’s work; sharing the word of God with neighbors, going to communities to teach/preach the word, visiting and feeding the orphans, visiting the sick at the hospitals, counseling etc. However, I didn’t immediately rush into making the decision because it is not a decision to take lightly. Knowing the great deal of responsibility associated with ministry work, I prayed about it for months. I knew it was the right path for me because I had the desire for the work but I really needed to know if God had called me to this ministry. Praise God! As I made myself available and dedicated myself completely for the cause, God continued to use me mightily.
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The Generational Impact.

Avatar for Manex Chingandu
Manex Chingandu
Prophetic Deliverance Ministries International (PDMI)
What Axx has done for me? Am enlightened and am now well informed and adequately trained.
My Story or Personal Testimony: Learning and re-learning is a remedial and instant cure for Biblical ignorance. Axx has removed the veiled of limited knowledge and insight of the real Bible and the profound details.The knowledge I had before Axx come to my rescue was as good as a man drowning yet resisting help.Am rescued and I have a testimon,the generational impact. Thanks countless times,am enlightened and well informed.
My Ministry: Definitely the Ministry will not be at the same level of the past but in advanced stage, growth.
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Studying at Axx Bible College has been a transformative journey.

Avatar for Cedric stephane Fosso
Cedric stephane Fosso
Power of Grace Ministries
What Axx has done for me? This qualification has been transformative for me in several ways. Firstly, it has deepened my understanding of the Bible and equipped me with the tools to engage with scripture more effectively. This has not only strengthened my personal faith but has also enabled me to share the gospel more confidently with others.Secondly, it has opened up new opportunities for ministry and service. Whether it's teaching a Sunday school class, leading a small group, or simply sharing the Word with friends and family, I now feel more equipped and prepared to fulfill God's call on my life.Lastly, this qualification has given me a solid foundation for further study and growth. While my time at AXX Bible College Online may be coming to an end, I see it as just the beginning of a lifelong journey of learning and discovery in God's Word.Overall, this qualification has been instrumental in shaping me into a more faithful disciple of Christ, and I am excited to see where God will lead me next as I continue to grow in my knowledge and love for Him.
My Story or Personal Testimony: Studying at Axx Bible College has been a transformative journey, deepening my faith and understanding of God. Through exploring scriptures and theological concepts, I've been challenged to examine my beliefs and relationship with God. This journey has equipped me to serve God more effectively, whether through teaching, leading, or sharing the gospel. I am grateful for the opportunities to study God's Word and am excited to continue sharing His love and truth with others.
My Ministry: As someone who is deeply passionate about serving God and sharing His love with others, my ministry is focused on several key areas.First and foremost, I am committed to teaching and preaching the Word of God. Whether it's through sermons, Bible studies, or one-on-one discipleship, I strive to help others grow in their understanding of scripture and deepen their relationship with Christ.Additionally, I am actively involved in outreach and evangelism. I believe that we are called to share the gospel with those who have not yet heard it, both locally and globally. This includes supporting missions efforts, participating in community outreach events, and sharing my faith with those I encounter in my daily life.Another important aspect of my ministry is providing pastoral care and support to those in need. This includes offering prayer, counseling, and practical assistance to those who are struggling physically, emotionally, or spiritually.Looking ahead, I plan to continue serving God faithfully in whatever capacity He calls me to. Whether it's in full-time ministry, bi-vocational ministry, or volunteer work, my desire is to use my gifts and talents to glorify God and advance His kingdom here on earth.Ultimately, my goal is to hear the words "well done, good and faithful servant" from my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And I am confident that with His strength and guidance, I can continue to be a faithful servant and make a meaningful impact for His kingdom.

Confidence, I shall never be the same again.

Avatar for Andrew Tay
Andrew Tay
The Church@JB Central, VFC Singapore.
What Axx has done for me? This course has boosted my level of confidence in church planting and evangelism with a greater understanding of the biblical contexts and getting insight into God's very heartbeat, His salvation unto mankind. I trust that by being equipped with this practical and sound missional pedagogy I shall never be the same again for God's mission. I also would love to take this opportunity to highly recommend and appreciate Pastor Amelia Pickering's lecture on Personal Management and Spiritual Health. I am so blessed and enjoying her pedagogy method and above all her pastoral care prayer in closing the lesson. Thank you
My Story or Personal Testimony: My name is Andrew Tay, 59 years old of age and I was born into a Malaysian Chinese ethnic family, formerly we were practicing Taoism filial piety and ancestral worshipping. As a growing-up boy, I emulated much of my parents' influences and was disciplined in the value of being hardworking and diligent, therefore the word "success" meant much more than anything else in life to me. As I grew older, I somewhat went astray and eagerly wanted to get rich and be successful in life. I decided to quit my studies, dropped out of school and started to work at the age of 17 years old. In my old mindset money was almost the equivalent of success, power, and status then. Time was bad then during that 1996 economic crisis hit in our region, I was left jobless and wasn't earning regularly. I went from bad into an unscrupulous wicked being and went indulging in all sorts of vice and drifting far away from the family’s upbringing and morals. The only pursuit I had was how to get rich in shortcut pathways by hook or by crook, I became a drug pusher just to succeed. In no time, my life became corrupted, and my dignity was ruined, my dreams, and ambitions were all shattered, and I was wrong and became a desolate failure. As a result, my mind was often haunted by suicidal thoughts and had become addicted to drug abuse. I wanted to just die as a way out from the tormented narcotic addictions, and rather wouldn't face the defeats that have brought grievous stigma upon myself and my family. Yet I was extremely overwhelmed and confused, I knew there was a god that could rescue me from the crisis. But who was he, I didn't know.? I remember so well that one day I was shouting out in extreme agony to the sky " If there's a god, show me who you are?". For more than a decade long, my life had been bleak, living in fear and dangerously, and I was utterly helpless without any hope and wasted youth. In 1997, miraculously amid the wrecked living, one afternoon some Christians dropped a flyer in my letterbox regarding a crusade meeting in my neighbourhood. At first, I thought I would just get on and have a look for the sake of curiosity but sceptical about it. That evening In the crusade meeting, I received a touch from God as I gave my life to Jesus. The Lord then set me free from hardcore drug addiction and turned my sorrow into indescribable joy and peace. The Christian life in the care centre was well disciplined and organised, each day began with morning group prayers and intercession, devotions, bible studies, and worship on a weekday basis, and attending church services on Sundays was compulsory. Praise and worship are the moments I enjoy the best and eagerly look forward to each day. Now life has taken a turning point since with new hope, a new perspective, and everything from the inside out as a new creation in Christ. For the very first time in my life, I experienced a newness and my spiritual formation took place here. Besides growing spiritually and being established in the holy scriptures; worship and prayers have become a lifestyle and are essential. We were trained to lead worship, prayer meetings, preaching opportunities, and leadership training. Subsequently, I completed the two-year lived-in programme. This life-changing transformation in me has impacted my family members very strongly as they are seeing the living pieces of evidence of God in my life. My dad accepted Jesus as his saviour too, furthermore couple of years later my sister, mum, and brother received God's salvation as well. My sister eventually became clergy in her church. Towards the end of 1999, I sensed a strong compelling stir in me, I used to get prophecy after prophecy quite frequently during church services. Most of those prophecies were spoken concerning the future and ministry that the Lord has prepared for me Each time I would pray and spend time in the closet praying alone, sometimes just under the blanket in the middle of the night, praying more fervently for God's direction and affirmative evidence, if He would call me into full-time ministry. Therefore I sought-after for a vision from the Lord and God is forever faithful, He gave me two dreams and not only one. (First vision in dream summarize ) He showed me an epic vision right before my eyes of a humongous rainbow across the tall and mighty rushing waterfalls as if from heaven. (Second vision in dream summarize) I saw a crystal clear stream, it was so clear that I saw the riverbed base and started to see small fish swimming down hastily in a straight veering line-up followed by bigger fish from behind, forming a beautiful marching choreographic view that's unforgettable. My heart was full of joy as I perceived that the two visions were clear confirmations for me to be in the ministry. Later part on graduation day, my senior pastor told me that I was called for a full-time ministry. The following week right after graduation, then I was employed as a Christian worker, and within months later the leadership decided to send the GTP missionary teams to England with the participants from our international sister churches to plant a church in London city. I was chosen as a trainee in practical evangelism and ministry-skills training and equipping. The team set off to England and assembled with other missionaries from our International sister churches. We were engaged and embarked with intensive evangelism across London city, knocking at doors from home to home, witnessing and praying for people on the streets, in shopping malls and wherever there was an opportunity for evangelism. Besides that, we conducted discipling, and cell group meetings across the metropolitan city. Praise the Lord, finally the London Family Church was established in the year 2000 with an attendance of an estimated 300 worshippers and new converts on the Sunday services. I completed my mission in 2001 and returned to my home church serving as pastoral staff and getting involved with the social work ministries as its coordinator simultaneously. In 2003 once again the Lord called and was commissioned as a missionary and educator to East Timor to spearhead a youth learning centre. The mission was successful and the ministry has touched many young people and some become leaders in full-time ministries up to the present. Subsequently, in 2005 I was appointed as the field coordinator for the mega projects of @loveEast Timor to anchor/adopt and take the entire nation for Jesus. It was one of the most exciting and epic involvements to serve God in that magnitude, the missions were very enriching experience, ministering in alliance, and networking with missionaries from the major Christian denominations including the local Timorese churches, NGOs, and various international teams in terms of ministry development and collaboration, in prayers and learning together. The mission work was extremely challenging yet full of thrills, and through a variety of creative ministries, especially community outreach and English language classes, we have seen positive responses from the Timorese, as well as from the local government supporting gestures. The fruit of our labours seen souls saved, healing, and deliverance, with new establishments of transcultural churches, local Timorese leaders raised and trained, cell group meetings, learning and training centres, student dormitories, social -homes and centres across East Timor, and much more, in addition, a Bible college as well. Sadly in 2008 I experienced burnout and left the ministry and went into a furlough or simply another Jonah. Since I left the calling, life wasn't any better than before, I had never found any satisfaction or even joy in my pursuits within the secular jobs and even unintentionally slipped into some depression. But God is faithful with His words and promises, He will guide me as I seek Him, in prayers and spend quiet devotional time with Him every day, much more worshipping Him wherever I go, with no time restrictions but simply coming into Jesus' presence with a contrite heart and broken spirit before Him, and the He lifted me again. In Romans 8:28 the Bible says " "All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose". Despite all the hiccups in my Christian walk especially with the last ministry, I've never stopped learning and honing my essential skills in studies as pursuing formal tertiary education as a goal and the continuity of personal and spiritual development. I thank God for enabling me to resolve and to make right with God and former leadership as well. God is merciful, I fully believe and trust my experience would somewhat be an instrumental channel in reaching out to many who might have experienced some sort of burnt-out, hurt, or disappointment. God knows every content and desire of each heart. As a boy, I desired to be educated in higher education as much as being successful. But my growing up environment and those bad influences short-changed my desires. God knows the best and divinely my life has another different encounter version in Jesus for eternity, He knows what to recompense for my inadequacy. I thank God for the many exposures, in Him and for Him only I am established. I grew up in a region where English is not a common language and formerly my spoken English level was only average. But God enables me throughout the learning process, particularly with English language acquisition. I challenge myself by reading more books, especially in the daily devotional, reading the NKJV Bible version besides listening to sermons since the beginning in the care centre. Praise God, currently, I hold an equivalent postgraduate qualification in TESOL, without His salvation and life transformation that has liberated me, I wouldn't be worth what I am presently. God is the author and finisher of our faith. Some couple of years ago, the Lord once again impressed upon my heart with an enlivened burden and led me to read the whole Jeremiah chapter one as His answers to my prayers to serve Him in the mission fields. From that reading, I received two keywords. " BE EQUIPPED and BE EMPOWERED". Hence, I'm embarking on getting equipped for the studies and for the wonderful opportunities where I could further be re-equipped in theology studies. God has been good and faithful in seeing me through whatever circumstances and I am equally excited to be instrumental again for God's Kingdom and thankful for all that God has done and His salvation for me and my family members. All the Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.
My Ministry: Currently, I am engaged in another 17 weeks Church Planting School programme which is scheduled to be completed end of August 2024. Upon graduation, I also prayerfully hope to be selected as the partner in a church planting mission in Singapore to plant a church in Malaysia or perhaps in the Philippines.
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Thanks Axx for feeding me with what entails ministry am now able to deliver God's message with courage

Avatar for Apostle Kevin Liyayi
Apostle Kevin Liyayi
Vision Apostolic Ministries
What Axx has done for me? It has equiped me with knowledge, skills to run a ministry
My Story or Personal Testimony: Since I begun my study with Axx I have increased in spiritual life and knowledge
My Ministry: Preacher, praise and worship an instrumentalist

My light has come

Avatar for Kenias Tavhiringwa
Kenias Tavhiringwa
Active Word Christ's Church International
What Axx has done for me? This qualification has given me a green light. Now I can boldly say that my light has come. The bible says; my people are perishing because they lack knowledge. Thank you Axx team for giving me this green light. I can now stand boldly and proclaim the Kingdom of God . Glory be to God. I would like to thank Axx team and our mentor the founder for affording us this opportunity. I encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ to take this opportunity to enroll with Axx bible School in search of thorough knowledge of the bible.
My Story or Personal Testimony: I grew up in rural community, l love God since from young age but I was not allowed to go to church by my father because my father was a traditional healer possessed by ancestral spirits, it was so painful to me. So I became a Christian when I was 21 years old but still it was a hard decision. I became a pastor in my former church , and now I am still a pastor an a founding leader of Active Word Christ's Church International.
My Ministry: Pastor
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Well equipped with the word in Biblical studies and theological analysis

Avatar for Evangelist Geoffrey Mukoya
Evangelist Geoffrey Mukoya
Deliverance Church International
What Axx has done for me? Am now well equipped to serve God and humanity alike. Am have learned to serve God in praise and worship through thanksgiving and studying the word. Am ready to serve humanity through emotional support, financial support and spiritual support. I am believing Holy Spirit to guide me through this great journey.
My Story or Personal Testimony: Through this qualification I have encountered Holy Spirit in a different way. When I was studying the word I felt a strong compassion for soul winning. Sharing the gospel with vulnerable people in the society is now my passion.
My Ministry: Am now well verse with the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and I believe with the knowledge I have acquired my evangelism ministry is going to be amplified through the power of the Holy Spirit in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
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God Has Shown Me My Calling

Avatar for Ruslan Hamidov
Ruslan Hamidov
What Axx has done for me? This qualification has deepened my understanding of myself as a person, and the way it was conducted just inspired me more and more as I was able to see through my own self, my character and temper, my personality and my own mind. This qualification has enriched my vision and mission and my values, and it showed me how I am to behave in a variety of situations relating to people as a whole. This qualification has taught me to be more tolerant to my own character traits and/or failings as well as of those of the others around me. I loved this course as it has brought so much fresh understanding of my own self as a person and personality into my life! Thank you for this amazing qualification which has brightened my life as a whole!
My Story or Personal Testimony: This story is true and real. I have always wondered what my calling and mission in life were. I wanted to know what I was doing in God's plan, and if I were there at all. I never got to grips with the idea of serving God and have my own calling in His plan before. As I was doing this course, I heard the Lord tell me: "This is your calling. Do what God has called you to do. You know it well yourself". I was thrilled. Suddenly, I knew what my calling was. I know it now. I love interacting with people. I love teaching and training people I am working with and people I don't even know, or people I may meet in the future. I have finally understood that I had a calling. It's a wonderful feeling to know that you have been called by God to do great things, and I am grateful for this course which has shown me the way to God's calling.
My Ministry: I'm a Bible teacher and my ministry is basically online now due to the fact that our country is in war now. I love my ministry and I love connecting to people and being able to share life with them.

Greatest Joy of rewards.

Avatar for Sseninde Pidson.
Sseninde Pidson.
Make Alive Church.
What Axx has done for me? Knowing God the more, and always applying these unique principles taught in this course. This has already started making in my life and ministry.
My Story or Personal Testimony: All along i had longed to know God the more but through this course at Axx college as a Pastor i have moved a thousand miles.
My Ministry: Am now training my fellow church leaders and am seeing a very big change in church and community at large.
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Great Insight

Avatar for Richmond Worlanyo Dzeamesi
Richmond Worlanyo Dzeamesi
FreedomHouse International Christian Centre
What Axx has done for me? The qualification has given me an edge to learn and seek to know the word of God more and more.
My Story or Personal Testimony: I love the word of God but my association with Axx Bible College has deepen my love for the word of God and my desire to delve deeper into the knowledge of the truth of God’s word.
My Ministry: FreedomHouse International Christian Centre

Inspirational and empowerment experience

Avatar for Daniel Mumo Mwanthi
Daniel Mumo Mwanthi
Not I But Christ Ministries
What Axx has done for me? This qualification is of great input and very equipping. The study of scriptures has become more visible and inspirational with clear interpretation of the word.
My Story or Personal Testimony: Learning with Axx has been a great experience and an eye opener in ministry. Kingdom work has now become easier. I feel enlighten, equipped and much more skilled in doing ministry.
My Ministry: My ministry is greatly and positively changing day by day with a wide range of expansion. God bless you Axx.
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my testimony

Avatar for Ontumetse Prince Marokane
Ontumetse Prince Marokane
Jesus Encounter Embassy
What Axx has done for me? The qualification has helped me a lot in knowing the necessary skills for effective church leadership and this will go a long way in the ministry God has called me into.
My Story or Personal Testimony: I grew up in Anglican church and later moved to a Pentacostal church. I later become a church planter (though i was not well taught and mentored in the area). I have served in the same church for many years and continue to plant churches, in one of the branches i had to lead the establishment of home cells which brought about the growth of the church. I'm very passionate about church establishment. I also have written some songs and trained Praise and worship groups in different churches.
My Ministry: My ministry is start and to establish churches. I love teaching the word of God and seeing people grow in the knowledge of the word and serving God.
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God Has Shown Me My Calling

Avatar for Ruslan Hamidov
Ruslan Hamidov
Local Church of Christ
What Axx has done for me? This qualification has deepened my understanding of myself as a person, and the way it was conducted just inspired me more and more as I was able to see through my own self, my character and temper, my personality and my own mind. This qualification has enriched my vision and mission and my values, and it showed me how I am to behave in a variety of situations relating to people as a whole. This qualification has taught me to be more tolerant to my own character traits and/or failings as well as of those of the others around me. I loved this course as it has brought so much fresh understanding of my own self as a person and personality into my life! Thank you for this amazing qualification which has brightened my life as a whole!
My Story or Personal Testimony: This story is true and real. I have always wondered what my calling and mission in life were. I wanted to know what I was doing in God's plan, and if I were there at all. I never got to grips with the idea of serving God and have my own calling in His plan before. As I was doing this course, I heard the Lord tell me: "This is your calling. Do what God has called you to do. You know it well yourself". I was thrilled. Suddenly, I knew what my calling was. I know it now. I love interacting with people. I love teaching and training people I am working with and people I don't even know, or people I may meet in the future. I have finally understood that I had a calling. It's a wonderful feeling to know that you have been called by God to do great things, and I am grateful for this course which has shown me the way to God's calling.
My Ministry: I'm a Bible teacher and my ministry is basically online now due to the fact that our country is in war now. I love my ministry and I love connecting to people and being able to share life with them.

This course give me a better approach to studying the Bible

Avatar for J.Olusegun Ogungbe
J.Olusegun Ogungbe
Dunamis International Gospel Center. Abuja.
What Axx has done for me? It has given me greater confidence to proclaim the Word before any audience.
My Story or Personal Testimony: I was born and grew up in a Christian family. Pastors and teachers of the gospel were not deep in the understanding of the scripture during my growing up time but God is gracious as the Holy Spirit was really directing activities then. It is when i grew up and accept Christ that i started to study the Bible. By God's help, I started Bible lessons and even wrote pamphlets for use in the Sunday School. Youth activities are taking place in bigger dimensions now. This course give me a better approach to studying the Bible going by the way historical context is translated into present context for the youth of today. Although I am not a paid minister, I am presently ready to devote my full time to God's work since I am now a retiree.
My Ministry: My ministry is organising and orienting youths in the way of the Lord.
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Avatar for Robby Mulenga
Robby Mulenga
Reconciliation embassy ministries
What Axx has done for me? This qualification has helped to bold and to gain recognition among pastor's interdinomination fellowships, for accurately interpreting scriptures even some of the most controversial bible verse are now easy for me
My Story or Personal Testimony: Before joining hervest institute-oneline, I was always afraid of misleading Gods people by mis-interpreting the scriptures, most often I would be praying for hours due to that fear...but as at now am enlightened, all that fear has turned into boldness knowing that I now have the knowledge to approach the scriptures. I beleieve this is an answer to all those prayers I prayed that I may not be found wanting as one misleading Gods people
My Ministry: I started reconciliation embassy as a prayer group in Lusaka in 2011, and later become a church when I moved to rural areas in 2015. Now the LORD has blessed us with 3 branches.

Excellent Scripture interpretation and explainability

Avatar for Daniel Mumo Mwanthi
Daniel Mumo Mwanthi
Not I But Christ Ministries
What Axx has done for me? This qualification has changed my way of studying the Bible. Scriptures are more visible and interpretation and explanation of scriptures has become clear.
My Story or Personal Testimony: From the time I began my learning with Axx from certificate level to this level of licentiate of Exegesis and Apologetics, my life in ministry has completely changed and doing ministry has totally become a transformative exercise and a blessing to many audiences.
My Ministry: Doing ministry has become easier with a more excellent way of breaking the word of God.
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Understanding my calling.

Avatar for Titus Nzioki
Titus Nzioki
Deliverance church international, Bungoma
What Axx has done for me? This course has really helped me alot in learning how align myself with God untill he unveils His purpose and call in my life,it had equiped me with knowledge of leadership and even on how to tackle many problems arising with these changes in our society today.
My Story or Personal Testimony: I was called out of pit of sin years ago and God has been leading me in the way of righteousness by imparting a hunger for prayer and worship since I got baptized in the Holy spirit, 2 years ago.I even remember this one time I was walking listening to a message from Eva Reinhard Bonke and wished in my heart that I would meet him (yet he was dead) and a week later I see a poster of Carl Butler and other missionaries along the street and I thought this guy looks like Reinhard.And I purposed in my heart that I will attend that crusade and on the final day during fire conference He gave us his testimony of how before Reinhard Bonke departed looked at Him and prayed "God let all that I have rest on this man"(The man being Carl Butt ler).And I was so happy that what I had prayed for the week earlier its like God was connecting me to this mantle of Reinhard.And I have been on fire to seek God's will concerning my life ever since.I hope I get to align and fullfil it.
My Ministry: I am currently serving as a praise and worship team leader in our church, Deliverance church international,Bungoma.

Journey of Faith: Embracing Grace, Growth, and God's Call

South Africa
What Axx has done for me? Receiving this qualification has been nothing short of life-changing for me. It has opened doors, broadened horizons, and equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue my passions and dreams with confidence and conviction. Moreover, receiving this qualification has instilled in me a deep sense of confidence and self-assurance, knowing that I have the skills and abilities needed to navigate life's challenges and seize opportunities with courage and resilience. In essence, this qualification has been a catalyst for personal and professional growth, opening doors to new possibilities and empowering me to pursue my passions, achieve my goals, and make a meaningful impact in the world. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities it has afforded me and excited for the journey ahead as I continue to grow, learn, and make a difference in the world.
My Story or Personal Testimony: My journey of faith has been a winding path marked by moments of joy, struggle, and profound transformation. From the earliest whispers of God's love to the clarion call of His purpose for my life, every step has been guided by His grace and shaped by His unfailing presence. One of the most remarkable aspects of my journey has been the way in which God has met me in the midst of life's challenges, offering comfort in times of sorrow, strength in times of weakness, and hope in times of despair. His faithfulness has been a constant beacon of light, leading me forward even when the path ahead seemed uncertain. But perhaps the most transformative aspect of my journey has been the recognition of my own limitations and the surrender to God's perfect plan. In moments of surrender, I have experienced the miraculous power of God's grace, turning my weaknesses into strengths and my failures into opportunities for growth. Through it all, I have been blessed to witness the transformative power of God's love in my life and the lives of those around me. Each chapter of my journey is a testament to His faithfulness and a reminder of the abundant blessings that come from following His call. In sharing my story and testimonial, I hope to inspire others to embrace their own journeys of faith with courage, humility, and unwavering trust in God's promises. May my journey serve as a testament to the boundless grace and endless possibilities that await those who dare to follow where God leads.
My Ministry: Apostolic, Pastor and Teaching
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Just want to serve the Lord

Avatar for Clive Leslie Frost
Clive Leslie Frost
South Africa
The Christian assemblies
What Axx has done for me? It can op many doors that were shut for me
My Story or Personal Testimony: In 2019 I was shot in my head in 2020 I had 3 strokes but the Lord healed me and I want to testify to the word because a true testimony saves souls
My Ministry: Healing and restoration
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