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Axx Bible College​


Axx is a member of the following global educational and missions organisations. 

Missions Interlink is the Australian network for global mission​

Missions Interlink exist to connect Australians with a passion for global mission. Together, as God’s people, we can be more effective in cross-cultural and global mission, and demonstrate unity in Christ.

Operating across Australia, we provide training and networking opportunities, share information and resources, facilitate collaboration and high standards of practice, and advocate on behalf of our Members and Associates.

The International Council for Evangelical Theological Education

Partners, associates and affiliates that share in ICETE’s commitment for the enhancement and renewal of evangelical theological education may participate in the ICETE family under partner, associate or affiliate similar status. Individual schools and programmes normally relate to ICETE and its services through associations and agencies in their own regions of the world, rather than directly.

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