Certification of Church Planting

"Our greatest fear should not be of failure … but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter."
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“I was looking for a Bible School which would be affordable to me to study while I am doing something for living. While Axx has done it, I want to thanks the team at Axx and the founder of the Bible college, your incredible people and thank God for you all. I have learnt alot from the very start to the end. I have many things to say but all I can say for now is thanks to Axx for the great work and the vision God has bestowed on the founder of the school to reach many souls. Your reaching out to me is your reaching out to many souls you haven’t seen physically in Zambia. To me it’s a dream come true after many years of looking for a Bible School. Once again thank you Axx and the team continue revealing Jesus Christ to all the world..”
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Brent Choonya
My Journey with Axx

Certification of Church Planting Overview

The Certification of Church Planting course qualification equips ministers & potential ministers with the foundational biblical, practical, theological skills & knowledge to begin and establish a new Church.

The Church Planting course will examine various models of Church planting like new pioneer churches, satellite churches or developing an established Church. You will also learn how to build a highly motivated team. 

Who is the Certification of Church Planting for

  • This Church Planting course is designed for people who are preparing for or considering planting a Church or being part of a Church planting team.
  • It is ideal for those who feel a strong call of God on their life to be a pioneer.

What you will learn

God’s Call Your Response

  • How to move towards what God is calling you to do and the person God has called you to be.

Analyse & Apply the Bible

  • How to master the features of a study Bible, to interpret what a biblical passage meant to its original audience and how to apply learnt principles to my life, family and ministry community.

Personal Management & Spiritual Health

  • How to develop your relationship with God through holistic spiritual and practical disciplines to achieve your God-given destiny and spiritual goals

Introduction to the Biblical Narrative

  • ow to understand & communicate the Bible’s key themes, events, characters and how to apply lessons learnt in my life and ministry.

Theology of God

  • How to build a ministry team that can plant, establish and grow a kingdom-based Church. Your leadership skills will be built as you to create a highly motivated team who will work together towards the church planting goals. You will learn about various models of church planting and hear from successful church planters using various models enabling you to choose which model is best suited to you.

Planting & Developing Churches

  • How to discern insights, revelations and promptings given by the Holy Spirit and when they are for private edification or the edification of others. You will grow in the expressions of gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit and when to act on promptings of the Holy Spirit in accordance with the biblical guidelines.

Crossing Cultures

  • How to open the world of potential ministry adventures by embracing cultures and peoples from all around the world. You will be equipped with the key principles and knowledge learned from several lifetimes of missionary service. You will learn how to pray, plan, support and communicate in cultures that are different to your own

Sermon Design & Delivery

  • How to develop and deliver engaging sermons that build audience rapport in a contemporary ministry setting. You will develop clear and coherent sermon outlines ensuring biblical accuracy and your own authentic style.

Included Courses

God’s Call Your Response: Certified

Play to Preview God's Call Your Response

This course is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to investigate and integrate biblical principles of the call of God for ministry into a personal ministry development strategy.

Curriculum Covered

  1. Course Description
  2. Introduction to the Course
  3. What is a Call?
  4. Defining Ministry
  5. Understanding Mission
  6. General & Specific Call
  7. Obedience
  8. Unique Aspects of Ministry (Interview)
  9. Reclaiming the Discipleship Call
  10. Allowing Scripture to Define & Direct
  11. Historical Look at Ministry
  12. Church-Based Ministry
  13. Marketplace Ministry
  14. Community-Based Ministry
  15. Platforms for the Call
  16. OT Example: Nehemiah
  17. NT Example: Peter
  18. Unusual Callings
  19. The Ministry Zone (Part 1)
  20. The Ministry Zone (Part 2)
  21. The Ministry Zone (Part 3)
  22. The Ministry Zone (Part 4)
  23. Hearing the Voice of God
  24. Recognising the Voice of God
  25. How to Hear the Voice of God
  26. Processing Moments of Call
  27. Gifts & Calling
  28. Involving & Aligning
  29. A Kingdom Perspective
  30. Called to Go

About your instructor

Brendan 01 150 x150 opt

Dr Brendan Roach

Founder and CEO of Axx. Dr Brendan Roach has been involved in the professional development and training of pastors and leaders globally for over 25 years. His Biblical expertise is Biblical Archaeology, Leadership Development, First Century History and the Call to Ministry.

Regan Perry

Regan Perry

Regan firmly believes that you never stop learning and enjoys creating pathways for others to discover their full potential. He has lead & served on church staff, coordinating teams & interns, and overseen ministry programs and campus facilities.

Course Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 1,157 reviews)
Very good9%



I learnt that I should persue my calling by serving as who I am not like any other person because the uniqueness in me , make me to be real in service.

Salome Wangeci Muturi
Avatar for Salome Wangeci Muturi

Super Excellent


This course, God call my response opened my eyes more, it dealt with so many questions I have been battling with, issue of specific, plans and aligning had been settled.my calling now is more clearer now than ever, I am blessed, and God bless all the lecturers.

Uchenna okereke
Avatar for Uchenna okereke

Understanding the Biblical Call in My Life


I now have assurance of the call of God upon my life. Both the General Call and my personal call.

I have learnt that my obedience to the call of God is vital for eternal rewards

David Som Aminga
Avatar for David Som Aminga
Analyse & Apply the Bible: Certified

Play Course Preview Analyse & Apply the Bible

This series of lessons is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to utilise the features of a study Bible, as well as historical and cultural analysis to compose an accurate application of a biblical passage.

Curriculum Covered

  1. Course Description
  2. Introduction to Interpretation
  3. Introduction to Study Bibles
  4. A Pattern for Application
  5. Look for Clues
  6. Original Audience & Historical Context
  7. Researching Historical Context
  8. Genre Pitfalls (Part 1)
  9. Genre Pitfalls (Part 2)
  10. Literary Context
  11. Observation
  12. From Analysis to Meaning
  13. But we are different… aren’t we?
  14. Meaning to Application
  15. Summary & Example

About your instructor

Andrew Groza 150 x 150 opt

Pastor Andrew Groza

Andrew is an experienced Pastor with a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry. Skilled in non-profit organizations, E-Learning, coaching, organizational development, and instructional design. Andrew holds a Master of Arts in Ministry from Harvest Bible College.

Course Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 1,242 reviews)
Very good11%



To me this was well articulated .am really empowered by teacher Andrew and now I know how to to analyse and apply the Bible.


Knowledge about God


Analyzing, and applying the Bible, makes one understand the power of God’s Word, leading to a deeper relationship with Him and a more fulfilling life and Acquire spiritual insight and understanding of God’s character and ways

Samson Abolarin
Avatar for Samson Abolarin

Scripture Application


Learning to observe, study, interpret and do what the scriptures speaks into my life. This has been a life changing experience.

Thank you

David Som Aminga
Avatar for David Som Aminga
Personal Management & Spiritual Health: Certified

Preview Personal Management & Spiritual Health

This course is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to apply holistic Christian practices and personal management skills.

Curriculum Covered

  1. Course Description
  2. Course Introduction
  3. Make the main thing the main thing
  4. Spiritual Disciplines – Growth
  5. Spiritual Disciplines – Practicalities
  6. Introduction to Identity
  7. Building a Healthy Self
  8. Values
  9. Christian Values
  10. Personal Mission Statement
  11. Goals
  12. Prioritising & Time Management – priorities and the 4 quadrants
  13. Prioritising & Time Management – organising & executing
  14. Health & Wholeness
  15. Goals – review and evaluation
  16. Our life together. Authority, Leadership & Governance

About your instructor

Amelia Pickering 150 x 150 opt

Amelia Pickering

Amelia has had a diverse career thus far, one dedicated to working towards building a better world and empowering others to do the same. Over the past 25 years, her passion for leadership, academia and social justice has led her to pioneer an adult literacy and numeracy school for the disadvantaged, assume the role of university VP and run a social enterprise focused on increasing EQ within corporations and NFPs. This, along with her interest and acumen for social impact and investment strategy, has afforded her the opportunity to work with various NPFs in creating holistic frameworks for change and mobilise capital for impact.

Course Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 929 reviews)
Very good9%

My health


I learnt that taking care of my health is very crucial as I Minister because my body is the temple of the lord, and if it is not healthy I can’t serve effectively. This I can through eating balance diet, having time to rest and delegating some duties where possible to avoid burnouts

Salome Wangeci Muturi
Avatar for Salome Wangeci Muturi

Goal Setting


Transforming my personal life and learning to daily set goals and objectives in line with my vision and mission.

Also incredible is the discipline for personal spiritual health and growth

David Som Aminga
Avatar for David Som Aminga

virtues, priorities and time management


We need to make a plan for our daily activities in order to be productive. Without proper planing in conjuction with moral virtues our lives would just bee meaningless. Axx college tought me to know who i am and what i want to achieve, that is my personal mission. It is critical to know what i want, how i would do it to get to the aspired result. This is only possible if my plan is narrowed down in terms of my priorities. After carrying out the plan, i have to evaluate and make a review to improve where i feel the plan was not perfectly executed. This is only achievable when time management is of essence. Setting goals is encouragiing as it keeps us motitvated in shaping our virtues and managing our time effectively.

Ebrahim Sakarea
Avatar for Ebrahim Sakarea
Introduction to the Biblical Narrative: Certified

Play Course Preview Introduction to the Biblical Narrative

This course presents a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the Bible as one story. Each teaching is aimed at equipping learners with the skills and knowledge required to evaluate, communicate and apply the biblical narrative to a specific contemporary ministry context.

Curriculum Covered

  1. Course Description
  2. Seeing the Bible as One Story
  3. Orientation/Creation
  4. The Plot: Solution: The Patriarchal Narratives
  5. YHWH is crowned Israel’s King
  6. The Former Prophets: from Conquest to Exile
  7. The Ups & Downs of Samuel
  8. The Latter Prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel & Twelve
  9. Jeremiah: The Weeping Prophet
  10. The Writings
  11. Lamentations: the Shedding of Righteous Blood
  12. Who is Jesus?
  13. The Crescendo of Jesus
  14. The New Covenant
  15. Epistles: New Covenant Prophets
  16. Good Deeds are Essential
  17. The Hope of Resurrection

About your instructor

Matthew Jarlett 150 x 150 opt

Matthew Jarlett

Following the completion of his Bachelor of Arts (Biblical Studies), Matthew assumed the Vocational Education Course Supervisor role with Harvest Bible College.

Course Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 1,835 reviews)
Very good11%

I’ve been Enlightened


This course has given deep revelation about the Bible and has help me do more research on the word of God

Daniel Anthony
Avatar for Daniel Anthony



With this course l have completely changed in my faith, firstly l was just a mere Christian who attends church for the sake of pleasing my parents without knowing who really Jesus was but now I’m able to understand and know him well, thanks to this course for changing my life.

Wilson Likhusa
Avatar for Wilson Likhusa

All about Biblical Narative



Avatar for A.T.T.
Theology of God: Certified

Preview Theology of God Course

This course introduces the theology of God, as you explore the relevance of theology, the Trinity in the Old and New Testament, the Person and Work of Christ and the Holy Spirit, as well as the gifts and fruits of the Spirit.

Curriculum Covered

  1. Course Description
  2. Introduction & Relevance
  3. Talking Theology
  4. Introducing the Trinity
  5. Trinity in the Old Testament
  6. Trinity in the New Testament
  7. God as Trinity
  8. Trinity as Community
  9. Historical Misconceptions
  10. God the Father
  11. God the Son
  12. God the Holy Spirit
  13. Trinity Together
  14. The Work of Christ
  15. The Work of the Holy Spirit
  16. Gifts & Fruit of the Spirit

About your instructor

DJ Konz 150 x 150 opt

Dr DJ Konz

DJ is Associate Dean of the Faculty of Theology, and Head of the Theology Department, at Alphacrucis College. DJ comes from a background in the Christian Non-Profit sector, most recently as the Executive Director of Advocacy at Compassion Australia. He wrote his doctoral dissertation at the University of Aberdeen on the child in the thought of Karl Barth, and his wider teaching and research areas include systematic and historical theology (especially Karl Barth and Dietrich Bonhoeffer), as well as mission theology, public and political theology, and child theology. He is the co-editor of Theology, Mission and Child: Global Perspectives (Oxford: Regnum, 2014) and has published various book chapters and journal articles.

Jeremy Weetman 150 x 150 opt

Pastor Jeremy Weetman

Jeremy has been in pastoral ministry for over twenty years. He and his wife plated the church they lead on the Gold Coast (Australia), Eikon Community, in 2006 and transitioned the congregation into a missional expression of church. He has served on various denominational committees and has been teaching in bible colleges since 2011. He is studying towards his Doctor of Ministry and is interested in sacred space and contemporary spirituality.

Course Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 949 reviews)
Very good8%

Oneness of God


God is one operating in different offices that’s God the father, the son, and the holy spirit.

Salome Wangeci Muturi
Avatar for Salome Wangeci Muturi

Knowing God


Understanding Trinity has been my most engaging experience in this study.

I am better equipped in teaching and explaining the concept of Trinity.

David Som Aminga
Avatar for David Som Aminga

Knowing God's call


The training has given me more knowledge of the trinity

Ndikulaga Wilfred
Avatar for Ndikulaga Wilfred
Planting & Developing Churches: Certified – Part 1

Play to Preview Planting & Developing Churches

This course equips and inspires ministers and potential ministers to become involved in Church Planting and developing churches. It deals with Church Growth and Health principles to the planting and development of a local congregation.

Curriculum Covered

  1. Planting & Developing Churches Course Description Part 1
  2. Introduction to Planting & Developing Churches
  3. Jesus & the Harvest
  4. Biblical Foundations of Church Planting
  5. Jesus & the Gospel of the Kingdom
  6. The Early Church & Lessons for Now
  7. Why Church Planting is the Best Way to Win the Lost
  8. Evangelism in the New Church Plant
  9. Discipleship & Church Planting
  10. Case Study: Church Planting & University Ministry Thailand
  11. Case Study: The Satellite Church Planting Model
  12. Case Study: Starting from Scratch – Lightpoint Church
  13. Rick Warren & The Saddleback Church
  14. 8 Essential Quality Characteristics of a Healthy Church
  15. People Groups & Church Planting
  16. Cultural Diversity and Church Planting
  17. Starting Strong: Preparing for Church Planting
  18. Imperatives for Church Planting

About your instructor

Ian Grant 150 x 150 opt

Dr Ian Grant

Ian is an experienced Vice-President Emeritus with a demonstrated history of executive leadership, curriculum development, postgraduate teaching and accreditation, in theological education and ministry training in Australian and international contexts, including in the e-learning industry. He is skilled in Lecturing, Coaching, Managing Teams, Conflict Resolution. Ian holds a PhD focused on cultural intelligence, anthropology, contextualised leadership, cultural and religious change, intercultural communication and Majority World Christianity from Monash University.

Course Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 282 reviews)
Very good10%

GOD leading all the way


When we put God first everything is possible. i have long tried to find a college which could assist me understand God better but it was all in vain as all the colleges i tried to pursue my studies with required some fees on my part but thanks to AXX College for providing free education to people who love God so much like us. I enjoy every moment of listening to those informative lectures conducted by dedicated men and women of God. May God’s mighty hand rest upon our College.

Avatar for E.T.S

Church planting


Am delighted to be part of this training which equips ministers for the works of service. Am now well equipped for church planting more than ever before. Thanks to my tutors and the whole administration. May the Lord God bless you.

Godfrey Kasirye
Avatar for Godfrey Kasirye

Faith works together with Obedience


I glorify God for the general administration of axx for the great work you’re doing to equip the body of Christ.

More especially am delighted to be part of the beneficiaries from this wonderful teachings. I have greatly benefitted from the course on church planting. I regret of the mistakes I did in the past before getting these teachings but thanks to Jesus that am now to improve and perform better in the next missions on church planting. Thanks to my tutors who have work hard to see to it that even we in distant places can understand these wonderful teaching. I feel am now well equipped to the next church plant. God bless you more.

Bishop Godfrey Kasirye
Avatar for Bishop Godfrey Kasirye
Crossing Cultures: Certified

Play Course Preview Crossing Cultures

In this course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and frameworks in how to effectively take the gospel around the world and communicate it to cultures that are different to your own.

Curriculum Covered

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Biblical Basis for Mission
  3. Why Mission?
  4. How do we do Mission?
  5. Understanding Culture
  6. God & World Cultures
  7. Contextualisation
  8. Global Trends in Mission
  9. Mission Trends (1)
  10. Mission Trends (2)
  11. Models of Mission Work (1)
  12. Models of Mission Work (2)
  13. Models of Mission Work (3)
  14. Models of Mission Work (4)
  15. Case Study: Urban Missions (1)
  16. Case Study: Urban Missions (2)
  17. Case Study: Urban Missions (3)
  18. Case Study: Urban Missions (4)
  19. The Practicalities of Going Cross-Cultural
  20. Dealing with Spiritual Props
  21. Character
  22. Cross-Cultural Stress
  23. The Missionary Call
  24. Paul’s Methods (Case Study)
  25. Keys for Effective Cross-Cultural Work (1)
  26. Keys for Effective Cross-Cultural Work (2)
  27. Short-Term Mission Trips (1)
  28. Short-Term Mission Trips (2)
  29. Short-Term Mission Trips (3)
  30. Crossing Cultures Course Review

About your instructor

Kay Dohle 150 x 150 opt

Pastor Kay Dohle

Kay has dedicated her life to ministry. After pioneering a Young Adult Ministry training program at her local church, she then relocated to Asia as Mobilisations & Placement Officer with Assemblies of God World Missions. Since returning to Australia she has held senior leadership roles with Alpha Crucis and continued to work with churches across the country to help them equip Christian leaders to change their world.

Course Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 592 reviews)
Very good7%

It is Not Wrong, Just Different!


This has been a critical learning session and I am thankful to God for what He is doing in my life especially on understanding missions.

Crossing cultures with the gospel of the Kingdom is my call. I have learnt great lessons especially on adapting and contextualizing the Gospel message.

It is not wrong, just different has been a remarkable phrase to help me in appreciate people who are different or those who are doing things differently.

Am blessed

David Som Aminga
Avatar for David Som Aminga

Interesting experience


My participation in this course has really helped me as a local missionary to embarrass culture difference within my nation. It has provided me with skills, knowledge and methods that I will implore in my journey as a Church planter and Evangelist. I than God for AXX Bible College

Peter Kelvvelio Chimweta
Avatar for Peter Kelvvelio Chimweta

Crossing Cultures


In this course I learnt more about crossing Cultures In deep with a great commission , God gave us to do in all Nations. So the great commission in the talk , she said that it’s a summary of God ‘s entire intention for humanity know since the beginning. Because God did the first mention of mission in the Bible Genesis – And she said in estimation the number of people in the world who have never heard the Gospel is 2 million.

Now the Biblical Basis for the mission was characterised that God was not narrowing His focus from all humanity but rather choose Abraham. So that He could reach all humanity through him, the process that Jesus took His disciples through , were the steps in the process : look, pray , and go. They went to the nation eventually after being initially unwilling. We need to be a church who goes. Why God commanded it , people deserve a chance to hear the gospel message. The best describing who Jesus was talking , He gave the great commission, His disciples.All of them no exceptions. The Bible usually means in English when it says Nations people groups. And How do that mission? Everyone has culture a set of rules and assumptions that we live by and which govern our behaviour. So the meaning intended may be different from the sender and receiver. To understand culture , the world view determines beliefs which determine values, which determine behaviour; when we want to indicate the Gospel to a culture , we need to introduce it in world view. Now to summurise well culture is an integrated system of beliefs about what is. This system of beliefs defines everything we do and are and gives belongings and security.

God & World culture represent about form and meaning , what we do and see people doing and saying is a form and these forms have meaning which is understood in different cultures that meaning is communicated a different way we need to learn that is why to communicate well in that culture.

So the two things told us were really good ways to find the right forms to communicate , learn their language and live with them observing carefully and asking questions. The Hofstede observing means by masculinity in his ways of companing culture it’s the degree to which a culture is goal driven and focused on success. The contextualization was the significance asking for an individual decision in such a culture may send the message that it’s such an unimportant decision that it can be made without family consultation. There are three culture to consider when we share the Gospel Cross culturally. Our , the host culture and Biblical culture . So our own understanding is coloured by our own culture whether we like it or not and we must find a way to express it in the host culture, and this process is complicated by the fact that the gospel was initially communicated in yet another , the Biblical one.

Kay talk in comparing a pot plant to a new place with planting a seed in a new place , her illustration means that the pot plant will look just the same in a new place because it hasn’t really been planted in a new place but a seed may grow differently because it’s in different soil in different climate conditions. In the same way the gospel may look different when properly planted in a new culture.

Global Trends in Mission, the statement for the task of world evangelisation is large but we certainly have the people and resources to complete it; increased direct involvement of local Churches in mission , because of inadequate training of the people involved, the resulting work risks being inadvertently contextualised , many people are seeking to imitate the West , so despite the imitation of the West, many underlying world view issues have not changed. We need to make sure we are still taking account of that despite surface appearance. She said about globalisation such as excellent communication , but there are also some negative , such as increased exploitation. And other Mission Trends we are called to make disciples and needs to have that is focus as evangelism. Often the only way good discipleship occurs is face to face in long-term relationship. In implication of 6 rise of indigenous leadership in Church around the world for mission, people may well work on a mission team led by someone who is not a westerner , doing things in a way he is unused to . The Holistic Mission mean doing everything that Jesus did and that He asked us to do this means looking after the whole person , not just the spiritual part of a person. Model of mission work as Williams Carry in missionary society, he was passionate about doing the mission and had been told by his church to go away and let God it. Through mission agencies , both depending on context and the particular Church in questions. And other method , choose the method which best reaches the group in questions: models of mission work. About planting a campus of Church, it’s expedients, even efficient but because there’s literally contextualisation, effectiveness will be greatly reduced. Mission work thru aid and development , we must minister to the whole person, this is our mandate , and Jesus did it. Let us make sure however that evangelism still takes place , most representative about short term trips in general , a well placed and prepared trip done in conjunction with the local Church and any long term missionaries in the area can be a tremendous blessing to all involved . Urban Mission the mean ideas, we all participate , we all practices our faith we are always ask how we do what we know , being able to learn and listen asking well is important. In that , being faithful to what God wants you to do is the main thing and whether you are sowing seeds or reaping harvest is another matter.

The practicalities of Going cross cultural the most important thing about preparations for Cross culturally mission work is the spiritual formation and character development.

Dealing with spiritual disciplines , God’s our sources and we need to find ways to build our relationship with Him no matter what context we all in communication with God is critical, we need to identify them and address them and find ways to add heat to our relationship with God despite them.

Despite cultural stress Returning to your home country, after several years working in another culture is a relief , this is most often untrue because you have changed and your home culture has changed and you may need to go through the process of adjustment all over again. The Missionary Call is the Base line starting point for being called to be missionary is making ourselves available . That’s why kinds of missionary Call are three: the supernatural call , the commissioned Call and the common Sense Call. God call us all differently because we are different kinds of people and He knows best how to communicate with us and move us in the direction He wants us to go. Paul ‘s method , he contextualised the gospel but didn’t compromise it ,it means that Paul changed his method of communication and spoke in a way the locals understood in each place , presenting that same truth in the best way for that context.

The Keys for Effective Cross cultural work , is knowing that God’s sent you is critical because it will keep you there when things are tough, and because you know God was there before you preparing the way. That’s why it important to learn culture and language to be effective working Cross culturally, if you don’t your message will always be a foreign message and not well aimed. Consequently it will be accepted by fewer people; the measuring effectiveness , we use are likely to be different than the one we used in our home culture and home Church discerning what is scriptural and what is cultural, so we do things a certain way in our home Church and some of that is based in scripture and some is an acceptable cultural adaption of what is scriptural. In a another culture , the adaption may look different, and that is ok.

The short term Mission Trip in by Messiah mode mean the idea that you are going on the trip to save the world and provide all the answers that people need. We should go on a short term Mission, because those who meet requirements predetermined by leadership and in discussion with those on the field.

George BwitateGe
Avatar for George BwitateGe
Sermon Design & Delivery: Certified

Play to Preview Sermon Design & Delivery

This course is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to understand the basics of communication theory and to use those, along with solid biblical exegesis to develop and deliver a sermon within a ministry context.

Curriculum Covered

  1. Course Description
  2. Introduction to Preaching
  3. What is Preaching?
  4. Preaching Foundations
  5. Understanding the Text: Exegesis
  6. Hermeneutics: Understanding the World
  7. Ethics of Communication
  8. Types of Sermons
  9. Story, Illustration & Metaphor
  10. Preparation
  11. Structure & Flow
  12. ‘Grabbing People by the Ears’
  13. Sermon Application
  14. Sermon Conclusion
  15. From Design to Delivery
  16. Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication
  17. Taking Your Audience Seriously
  18. Establishing Rapport
  19. Sermon Notes
  20. Story & Imagination
  21. Using Our Voice Well
  22. Body Language
  23. Audience Engagement
  24. Creative Presentations
  25. Personality & Style
  26. Dealing with Anxiety
  27. Sermon Evaluation
  28. Wisdom from our Mistakes
  29. Difficult Topics
  30. Preaching & the Future

About your instructor

Ian Grant 150 x 150 opt

Pastor Andrew Groza

Andrew is an experienced Pastor with a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry. Skilled in non-profit organizations, E-Learning, coaching, organizational development, and instructional design. Andrew holds a Master of Arts in Ministry from Harvest Bible College.

Course Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 883 reviews)
Very good9%

Very deep


The sessions are very deep but at the same time very helpful. Preparation been the key point.

Salome Wangeci Muturi
Avatar for Salome Wangeci Muturi

Understanding the culture or the community way of doing things.


It is important to understand the culture of the people I preach in whether as a missionary or residential pastor.

Salome Wangeci Muturi
Avatar for Salome Wangeci Muturi

Sermon Delivery


I have learnt to better prepare my sermons. I trust God for a dynamic ministry in teaching and preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom

David Som Aminga
Avatar for David Som Aminga

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Certification of Church Planting Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 193 reviews)
Very good8%



Pastor Wycliffe
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Very relevant information


Franz Devantier
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Certification of Church Planting Requirements

  • This Certification of Church Planting only requires a desire to learn about how to plant a Church or how I can be a productive member of a Church Planting team.
  • Have a desire to see the kingdom of God expanded globally.
  • A love of God, the Word and the Great Commission.
  • Learners are welcome to commence this qualification at any time
  • A computer, tablet or smartphone is required
  • No additional software is required
  • Internet connection is required
  • Lessons are presented in English

All assessment tasks must be completed to be certified

  • Learners are required to complete all video lessons
  • Each lesson has a short multiple choice quiz
  • There are no essays to be written in this qualification
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