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Biblical Leadership Courses & Qualifications

The Axx Leadership qualifications are developed with the underlying premise that good biblical leadership builds good leaders and great biblical leadership builds great leaders, churches, and ministries. 

Leadership is a key component in the health of any Church, career or ministry. Make a difference in your world and build your biblical leadership. At Axx we believe that every person is a leader, first of themselves and then of others.

The Biblical Leadership specialisation is ideally suited for people who want to be biblical influencers in all spheres of life, ministry, and career.

Christian leadership is a process of influencing a community to use their God-given gifts toward a goal and purpose as led by the Holy Spirit.

Biblical Leadership Courses - Certificates

Certificate of Biblical Leadership
Certificate of Biblical Leadership

Make a difference and build your leadership. This Certificate of Biblical Leadership is ideally suited for people who want to be biblical influencers in all spheres of life, ministry and career.

Biblical Leadership Courses - Certifications

Certificate of Biblical Leadership
Certification of Personal & Team Leadership

The Axx Certification of Personal & Team Leadership is for people desiring to be leaders who are serving or who are preparing to serve in a local church, ministry organisation or in a corporate role.

Certificate of Biblical Leadership
Advanced Certification in Ministry Leadership

The Axx Advanced Certification of Ministry Leadership qualification strongly develops leadership skills in a ministry context. It is the Axx qualification that is designed to equip you to take on a great level of leadership.

certification of pastoral ministry
Licentiate of Pastoral Leadership

The Licentiate of Pastoral Leadership qualification is specifically designed for people in ministry who are seeking to become advanced in their skills to care for people in a godly manner. It is for those who are taking on a leadership role and more responsibility to care for people inside the Church or in a community workplace.

Biblical Leadership Courses - Masterclass

Ministry Masterclass Image 379 x 209 opt
Ministry MasterClass (Subscription)

The Ministry MasterClass subscription is designed for pastors and leaders in ministry who are looking for self-paced personal and ministry development in a reflective atmosphere.

MasterClass of Leadership and Strategy
MasterClass of Ministry Leadership & Strategy

The MasterClass of Ministry Leadership and Strategy is designed and developed for pastors and ministry leaders who are looking for a practical and empowering leadership development program.

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