Cancellation and Refund Policy and Procedure

1.   Purpose

Global Disciple Network trading as Axx seeks to treat all learners fairly & equitably and in line with the Australian Consumer law.

2.   Policy Scope

This policy and procedure applies to all learners of the Axx services.

3.   Policy Statement

Upon enrolling in a course with any educational institution a learner is entering a legal agreement, in which they agree to abide by conditions (including meeting stated payments) of enrolment in exchange for the service offered by the institution in the delivery of the course.

Axx will provide for replacement or refund in situations where:

  • The learner has chosen to pay course fees upfront or via 3-month payment plan and where
  • The learner wishes to cancel or change their enrolment due to major issues, within 7 days of the course commencement or where
  • Axx has cancelled the delivery of a scheduled course.

Axx will not provide refunds where learners have chosen to pay via the monthly subscription method. Learners choosing the monthly subscription have done so understanding that it is their responsibility to cancel their subscription. These learners can cancel their subscription at any time through their Student Dashboard.

4.   Principles

4.1 Axx provides learners with the opportunity to enroll in courses when it suits them to learn. Learners self enrol at a suitable time to complete their study.

4.2 Changes in a learner’s circumstances are not the responsibility of Axx, as neither can Axx be held liable for changes in a learner’s circumstance.

4.3 Where a learner needs to cancel their course enrolment for a major reason, Axx may provide a partial refund, no refund, or alternative course enrolment.

4.4 All refunds will be processed to the person and credit card details used for the original course payment.

5.   Responsibilities

5.1 Duties of Learner

It is the responsibility of the learner to:

  • Provide written request for cancellation in writing, explaining reason within the stated timeframes.
  • Ensure and confirm that written notification of cancelation is lodged. Axx will not be responsible for cancelations that have not been formally lodged either via the Student Dashboard or in writing to

5.2 Duties of Office Manager

As Office Manager you are required to:

  • Review requests for course cancellation and refunds.

5.3 Accounts Staff

As Accounts Staff you are required to:

  • Manage the administration of refunds.

6.   Procedures

1.Request Cancellation, Refund 
 1.1 Learner submits a request for cancellation, refund to office@axx.globalLearner
 1.2 Office Manager will review request for cancellation, change of enrolment.Office Manager
2.Request Outcome 
 The Office Manager will communicate the outcome of the request for cancellation, change of enrolment, refund to requesting learner.Office Manager
3.Administration of Cancellation 
  The refund request will be sent to Accounts Staff, where course cancellations are approved by the Office Manager.Office Manager
 3.2 Accounts staff process refund and send an email confirming issue to the learnerAccounts Staff
 3.3 Office Manager updates Axx LMS with information of course cancellation and refundOffice Manager

7.   Policy Information

Policy Owner:Office Manager
Policy Type:Finance
Approved Date:10.05.2021
Effective Date:10.05.2021
Review Date:10.05.2023
Relevant Legislation:Australian Consumer Law
Related Policies:Nil
Related Procedures:Nil
Related forms, publications, websites:Nil

8.   References & Acknowledgements

ReferenceSource / Location
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Updated 7 May 2021

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