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Local Church Ministry Courses & Qualifications

The Local Church Ministry specialisation focuses on equipping you to be a fruitful and productive volunteer, leader or pastor in the ministry of your local church.

Find your ministry in the Church you love. A seamless pathway from volunteer to Pastor.

Axx builds your biblical knowledge, ministry and team leadership skills in a local church setting. You will be prepared to be a part of or lead a team that is ministering to its congregation, communities both local and global.

Don’t miss out on the blessing of service. We have been uniquely gifted to serve. Several Bible passages help us to understand the concept of spiritual gifts. Among them are Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12, and Ephesians 4. In these chapters, we learn how God graciously and supernaturally favours each believer with his own distinct ministry gift!

Local Church Ministry Courses - Certificates

Certificate of Youth Ministry Online Course by Axx
Certificate of Youth Ministry

The Certificate of Youth Ministry helps you understand how to engage youth culture and how to minister to young people inside the Church and in your community.

Certificate of Justice Poverty and Development Axx
Certificate of Justice, Poverty & Development

The Certificate of Justice Poverty and Development focuses on the fullness of biblical justice. Formulating a biblical response to some of the most important issues in the world today.

Certificate of Short-Term Mission
Certificate of Short-Term Missions

The Certificate of Short-Term Missions is the perfect starting point for a person going on a short term missions trip. If you want to be prepared for short term missions and intercultural ministry, then this qualification is perfect for you.

Local Church Ministry - Certifications

Certification of Local Church Ministry 379 x 209
Certification of Local Church Ministry

This qualification is for people who are serving, interning or who are preparing to serve in a local church. It is suited for people undertaking a one-year Internship program

Certification of Local Church Ministry 379 x 209
Advanced Certification of Local Church Ministry

The Advanced Certification of Local Church Ministry qualification is specifically designed to help people prepare to enter into full-time ministry. This qualification allows you to develop real-life ministry training while furthering your leadership skills, biblical and theological knowledge. You will be equipped with the skills needed to lead a local church ministry team.

Certification of Local Church Ministry 379 x 209
Licentiate of Local Church Ministry

This qualification is specifically designed for people in ministry who are seeking to become advanced in their leadership and people skills. It is also for those wanting to transition into full-time ministry .

Local Church Ministry - Masterclass

Ministry Masterclass Image 379 x 209 opt
Ministry MasterClass (Subscription)

The Ministry MasterClass subscription is designed for pastors and leaders in ministry who are looking for self-paced personal and ministry development in a reflective atmosphere.

Global Ministry Masterclass 379 x 209
Ministry MasterClass of Global Ministry

The Masterclass of Global Ministry is designed and developed for pastors and ministry leaders who are looking for advanced and practical, global ministry development.

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