Payment Options

Clear, transparent and no hidden costs

Axx is a Registered Not-for-Profit Ministry

Axx is a donour supported not-for-profit ministry established to provide high-quality ministry training and Bible College courses at an affordable price. We seek support from our learners by receiving donations and charging a small amount of money to support the ministry. Every course purchased supports the provision of free ministry training to pastors who are suffering under poverty and persecution. 

Payment Options

Axx has been designed to be as affordable and accessible as possible. Please read below to find the best payment option for you. 


Axx has several free programs and some courses that have a limited time free trial period. You will be asked for a donation to support the ministry. Please prayerfully consider this request as these donations are used to support the ongoing work and mission of the ministry. 

The courses fall into four categories.

  • 1. Courses for those who are new believers and seeking to learn about their faith.
  • 2. Certified qualifications for Pastors who are living in poverty or under persecution and cannot access high-quality training.
  • 3. Courses that Axx has developed and donated for specific ministry training and local Church needs.
  • 4. Courses donated from partner ministries wanting to give free access to their resources.

Subscription Payments

A subscription payment is when the learner makes a monthly payment to access the learning materials in a paid course. The payments will continue until you cancel the subscription in your student account. Axx makes it very clear and simple to cancel at any time and information on how to cancel can be found in the FAQ section of our website. Please beware that this is not a payment plan i.e. it will continue on until you cancel. 

Benefits of Subscription Payments

  • Flexibility - Stop and start as it suits your schedule
  • Normally the cheaper payment option
  • Payments are automatically be scheduled from your nominated card

3 Monthly Instalments Payment Plan

The monthly instalment option is a payment plan. The cost of these plans is a little higher than the one-off upfront payment option. The payment is divided into 3 equal payments. The first payment is made upon enrolling into the selected course/s. The second and third payments are taken one month and two months later on the reoccurring date of enrolment. 

Benefits of 3 Monthly Installment plan options

  • Spreads the upfront cost over 3 manageable payments
  • No ongoing fees or charges
  • Lifetime access

One Upfront Payment

The one upfront payment option is where you make one full payment for the courses. The cost of the one-off upfront payment is more initially but is usually the most affordable option in the longer term. You will never have to pay another fee again. There are no hidden fees or charges ever. 

Benefits of One Upfront Payments

  • 1 affordable upfront cost
  • No ongoing fees or charges
  • Lifetime access

Direct Debit or Funds Transfers.

Axx allows direct debit or fund transfers to be made upon request. This is only allowed for the the upfront payment option or the disciple subscription annual plan. If you prefer this option please contact us for details. This option may take several days to process.

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