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Pastoral Ministry Courses & Qualifications

The Pastoral Ministry specialisation is a broad and comprehensive ministry preparation program. If you sense that you are being called by God but are still seeking direction, this is the stream for you.

Axx prepares you for the depth and breadth of ministry inside and outside of the Church. Be prepared to go where God is leading.

In the advanced levels of this stream, it focuses on pastoral care skills and biblical leadership skills development.

Churches, therefore, need to become more loving and help their members to become better listeners and be more compassionate. The pastoral care that a church carries out is a major part of this. The nature of pastoral care is central to the life of the church. Christians are to show love for one another. Beyond that, they are to reach out to others with compassion. Pastoral care is somewhat different from humanistic concerns. While the capacity in all people to love stems from God, Christians know that we can love because God first loved us

Pastoral Ministry Courses - Certificates

Certificate of Pastoral Care original 379 x 209
Certificate of Pastoral Care

The Certificate of Pastoral Care training focuses on learning how to share the wholeness of Christ through pastoral care and biblical counselling. It is ideal for those who are seeking to help others and be a good prayerful ear.

Pastoral Ministry - Certifications

certification of pastoral ministry
Certification of Pastoral Ministry

The Certification of Pastoral Ministry qualification enlarges your knowledge of biblical teaching and theology while starting to develop your team and people leadership skills. Build your pastoral skills.

certification of pastoral ministry
Advanced Certification Pastoral Ministry

The Advanced Certification Pastoral Ministry is designed to prepare you for a broad range of ministry roles inside the Church and in the wider community. If you love the ministry and people then this is perfect for you.

certification of pastoral ministry
Licentiate of Pastoral Leadership

The Licentiate of Pastoral Leadership qualification is specifically designed for people in ministry who are seeking to become advanced in their skills to care for people in a godly manner. It is for those who are taking on a leadership role and more responsibility to care for people inside the Church or in a community workplace.

Pastoral Ministry - Masterclass

Ministry Masterclass Image 379 x 209 opt
Ministry MasterClass (Subscription)

The Ministry MasterClass subscription is designed for pastors and leaders in ministry who are looking for self-paced personal and ministry development in a reflective atmosphere.

MasterClass of Leadership and Strategy
Masterclass of Ministry Leadership and Strategy

The MasterClass of Ministry Leadership and Strategy is designed and developed for pastors and ministry leaders who are looking for a practical and empowering leadership development program.

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