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Axx is a Registered Not-for-Profit Ministry

Axx is a not-for-profit ministry established to provide high-quality ministry training and Bible College courses at an affordable price. We seek support from our learners by receiving donations and charging a small amount of money to support the ministry. Every course purchased supports the provision of free ministry training to believers worldwide.

The free ministry training on this page is provided by our fee-paying learner’s, donors and partners who support this ministry.

The Axx Free Bible College courses are given as a blessing to the Church. 

  1. Free Bible College courses for those who are new believers and seeking to learn about their faith.
  2. Free Bible College courses that Axx has developed and donated for specific ministry training and local Church needs.
  3. Free Bible College courses donated from partner ministries wanting to give free access to their resources.
  4. Free Bible College courses certified qualifications for Pastors who are living in poverty or under persecution and cannot access high-quality training.

They share freely and give generously to those in need. Their good deeds will be remembered forever. They will have influence and honor.

Short Paid Bible College Courses

Childrens Ministry 379 x 209
Children's Ministry

Children’s Ministry? In this quick and effective short course we are going to answer the important question, “How do I minister to kids?” If you’re considering volunteering or you are already serving in children’s ministry then this course is perfect for you.

Free Bible College Courses

Am I Ready for Baptism?
Am I Ready for Baptism?

Am I Ready for Baptism? This is a short course for new and growing believers to prepare them for baptism. It is also a great course for those seeking to learn more about baptism and the foundations of their faith.

Growing in God
Growing in God

Growing in God is the perfect starting point to discover who you are in God and what are the plans and purposes of God for your life. Find out what it means to be born again, saved and set free.

Kingdom of God Discipleship Experience
Kingdom of God Discipleship Experience

No matter where you are in your life’s journey, there is always more with God. His kingdom is a place of equality, respect, truth, justice, peace, harmony, restoration, healing, freedom, empowerment, identity & destiny.

Lumo project 379 x 209
The Gospels

The Lumo Project chronologically films the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John. The Gospels as the script, LUMO four feature-length films with breathtaking visuals to paint an authentic portrait of the life of Christ.

logo urbanrevs horiz text 379 x 209 opt
Community Chaplaincy

This course is an introduction to the Urban Revs Community Chaplaincy. It is for those who want to become a Community Chaplain. It provides the biblical foundation for the Urban Revs Community Chaplaincy model.

Communion Together Axx
Communion Together

In Communion Together we read the Word, reflect on Jesus and His sacrifice, prayer together for our needs and the needs of others. Join us, in Communion Together and share around the communion table.

Quality Framework for Churches
Quality Framework for Churches

This course is designed to help you build and strengthen your church operations and assist in meeting your risk and governance obligations. It provides admin solutions for churches to focus on what matters most.

Wealth with Purpose Axx
Wealth With Purpose

Wealth with Purpose courses are designed to apply God’s word with contemporary financial planning practices to your personal finances, your business, your church and your ministry.

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