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Axx Bible College Scholarships

Axx scholarship program is designed to support the purpose of our mission to provide biblically-based effective ministry training, and leadership programs that are trusted and accessible globally for pastors, leaders and disciples

To qualify for a scholarship the potential student must provide the following information:

  1. Why they should be considered a scholarship?
  2. How they are going to use the training obtained?
  3. That they do not have the financial capacity to fund their training?
  • Scholarships will not be issued on financial need alone. 
  • Scholarship recipients will be required to financially contribute to their training

The power of our ministry is in providing high-quality training to pastors in 168 countries of the world who have never received high-quality Bible College training. 

Axx Bible College provides scholarships and heavily subsidised Bible College training to spread the good news of the gospel. 

Your financial contribution makes that possible. 

Please note it may take several days to process your scholarship application.

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