Project – Certification Avancée du Ministère Pastoral

A Light On A Thousand Hills

Free Ministry Training for Pastors living in Countries with Poverty or Under Persecution

In May 2021 Axx launched Stage 1 (Certification du Ministère Pastoral) of our French-language pastors training for Africa. It is free and delivered online. The response has been amazing in we had over 1,400 requests for training since December 2021. Our initial training has been in the French-speaking countries of Africa but we have seen the opportunities expand to places like Haiti, French Guiana, Vietnam and Mauritius.

Certification Avancée du Ministère Pastoral

Now we are raising funds for the development and deployment of Stage 2, Certification Avancée du Ministère Pastoral.

Project Summary and Features

  • It is entirely free, with no fees or cost ever to Pastors
  • 9 specifically designed courses
  • All courses and resources are in French.
  • Expert tuition by qualified lecturers
  • Total Funds required = $85,300 (AUD)
  • Completion Date = 1 August 2022
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Program Announcement

The Courses Being Developed

  • Méthodes d’étude Biblique et l’herméneutique – Langue, contexte et figures (Biblical Study Methods and Hermeneutics – Language, Context and Characters)
  • Méthodes d’étude Biblique et l’herméneutique – Les genres et conclusion (Biblical Study Methods and Hermeneutics – Genres and Conclusion)
  • Le Nouveau Testament – Les lettres antérieures de Paul (The New Testament – Paul’s earlier letters)
  • Le Nouveau Testament – Les lettres de prison et les pastorales (The New Testament – Letters from Prison and Pastoral)
  • Le Nouveau Testament – Hébreux, les lettres catholiques et l’apocalypse (The New Testament – Hebrews, General Letters, and Revelation)
  • Introduction á la Théologie – L’église et les choses de la fin (Introduction to Theology – The Church and the End Things)
  • L’ancien Testament – Psaumes et la littérature de sagesse (The Old Testament – Psalms and Wisdom Literature)
  • L’ancien Testament – Les prophètes préexiliques et exiliques (The Old Testament – The Pre-Exile and Exilic Prophets)
  • L’ancien Testament – Les livres postexiliques (The Old Testament – The Postexilic Books)

Thank you for your support

Your generous support is greatly appreciated by the Pastors to which Axx provides high-quality ministry training. 

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