Licentiate of Pastoral Leadership Review and Testimonial

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At Axx we love getting your feedback and sharing your testimonies of growth, development and following the call of God. Testimonies from people of faith help grow the kingdom of God, so please submit a review of how Axx is blessing you. Come and listen, all you who fear God, and I will tell you what he did for me (Psalm 66:16).

Axx Reviews and Testimonials

Licentiate of Pastoral Leadership

Individual Courses

Counselling Basics: Part 1

Counselling Basics: Part 2

Principles of Teamwork

Person & Work of the Holy Spirit: Part 1

Person & Work of the Holy Spirit: Part 2

Navigating Team Dynamics

Church Dynamics & Health

Understanding Kingdom Ministry: Part 1

Understanding Kingdom Ministry: Part 2

Theology of the Church: Part 1

Theology of the Church: Part 2

Organisational Management

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