Local Church Ministry

Local Church Ministry

Ministry Masterclass

Ministry MasterClass

The Ministry MasterClass subscription is designed for pastors and leaders in ministry who are looking for self-paced personal and ministry development in a reflective atmosphere. In the Ministry MasterClass, there are no exams or essays. MasterClasses utilise a Reflective Learning methodology. This allows experienced ministers and leaders to reflect on their own practice and determine actions for personal ministry development. The courses are selected from Graduate programs i.e. Masters degree and D. Min. level programs.

Certification of Local Church Ministry

Licentiate of Local Church Ministry

The Licentiate of Local Church Ministry qualification is specifically designed for people in ministry who are seeking to become advanced in their leadership and people skills. It is also for those wanting to transition into full-time ministry from a volunteer role or secular career.

Certification of Church Planting

Licentiate of Church Planting

The Licentiate of Church Planting qualification is specifically designed for Church Planters who are seeking to establish their Church and build strong organisational leadership skills. It is for those who are seeking to be equipped in advanced preaching, biblical and theological knowledge.

Certification of Church Planting

Advanced Certification of Church Planting

The Advanced Certification of Church Planting online course equips ministers & potential ministers with the biblical, practical, theological skills & knowledge to begin and establish a new Church. You will examine various models of Church planting like new pioneer churches, satellite churches or developing an established Church. You will also learn how to build a highly motivated team.

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