New Testament

New Testament

Certification of Church Planting

Licentiate of Church Planting

The Licentiate of Church Planting qualification is specifically designed for Church Planters who are seeking to establish their Church and build strong organisational leadership skills. It is for those who are seeking to be equipped in advanced preaching, biblical and theological knowledge.

Certification of Bible and Theology

Advanced Certification of Bible and Theology

The Advanced Certification of Bible and Theology gives you the advanced knowledge and skills needed to understand the Old and New Testaments. It builds your theological knowledge in the key areas of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Worship. It gives the learner the confidence that they can understand the breadth and depth of the word of God.

Certificate of Bible and Theology

Certificate of the Bible

This certificate is the perfect starting point for a deeper appreciation of the Bible. The Certificate of the Bible is a structured program of study that guides the learner through the basics of Understanding and Interpreting the Old and the New Testaments.

Disciple Subscription Couse by Axx

Disciple Subscription

In the Disciple Subscription courses you enjoy the great teaching of Bible College courses online but never do an exam or assignment. You only do what interests you and skip the rest. Total freedom! Great teaching at an amazing price.

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